Monday, September 22, 2014

How Fast Can a Grasshopper Go?

About 30 mph hours before he slid off my windshield. I took this picture while returning the bottle jacks from my garage jacking project. It is not often in Iowa in mid September that you see such green grass, corn and soybeans. In fact, I can't ever remember it looking this green in my lifetime this late in the year.


Anonymous said...

The stalks are that colour with us and they are chopped up for the early winter feed as the animals are coming off the grass just as this stuff becomes available.
That insect is something that would drive me nuts. I'd have emptied the washer bottle trying to shift him.

Ed said...

Vince - A fair share of corn in our area meets the same fate for cattle feed.

I thought about it but then I had the thought of how fast I could go before he slipped off. I had thought he might jump but he evidently was paralyzed with fear because the wind did him in.