Friday, September 12, 2014

All Broken Up

The hard part of the garage floor has been completed thanks to a jackhammer. If you can look closely, you can see that there was a little bit of chicken wire embedded in the bottom of the concrete. It was way too little and poorly placed which is why I find myself here today blogging about it. My advice to homeowners, if you are going to pour concrete, do it right the first time and say someone in the future from having to redo it.

On the other hand, I had guessed that there wasn't a footer poured in the garage door opening as their should have been which is the reason it heaved there and forced me to use several inch shims to seal the gaps between the door and the floor. I was wrong. There was a footer and it appears intact. After doing some measuring with the laser level the contractor had, I'm pretty sure I know what happened now. On that corner of the garage, they had built it over about three or four feet of fill judging from the landscape. That was 40 years ago. Since then, that corner of the house which comprises just the garage has sank about 3 inches. The rest of the house and other side of the garage is as level as can be but lasers don't lie and that worst corner of the garage sank probably soon after they built it. That along with some improperly compacted fill under the slab caused all the problems. I can take care of the fill and compact it correctly but there isn't much I can do about the sunk corner of the garage short of jacking it up and leveling out the concrete. Since it is only the garage and doesn't affect anything else though, I'm inclined to just leave it alone. The only real affect on the structure is that the garage door header is slightly lower in that corner. In the future when I replace the garage door, I'll have to decide if it is something I want to fix or not.

In other news, our local nursery was having a special on trees. If you purchased one tree over $100, they would plant it and every other tree you bought, no matter what the price, for no labor charge. The only additional charge is what we have to spend for materials such as fertilizer, mulch and stakes. It was a pretty good deal so we ended up buying a serviceberry tree which was the one that cost over $100 but was nearly 10 feet tall. We also got three fruit trees, a McIntosh and Red Delicious Apple and also a Northstar sour cherry tree. I have a particular weakness for sour cherries which make the best pies on earth. We are going to put the three fruit trees in front of our house to kind of break up the view. Right now, those coming up the side street look right into our kitchen and dining room windows. In the future they will be looking at our fruit trees. The serviceberry tree is going out behind the house where we can look out and see it lovely spring blooms from our other dining room window and also the living room windows.  The best part of all this is that they come with a two year warranty so if they die, we get another tree to replace them with and a new warranty. After cutting down over two dozen dead trees on our property in the last two years, it will be nice to see some new trees in their places.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a wicked wet year a while back followed by parched conditions, or v-v. Either way any fill that wasn't on rock would've shifted to some extent. And if a bit badly whacked and on a slope it would've been a miracle had it not moved, if only up and down.

Ed said...

Vince - There have been but I'm guessing most of the damage was back shortly after they built the place. All the cracks and heaved places were well worn and weathered. When I moved in to this place, I filled the cracks with filler and none of that filler has cracked since which also leads me to the same conclusion.

Leigh said...

Have to agree about cherry pie. :) What a job that concrete floor must be. I've asked Dan if we couldn't do that to some of our concrete "floors" in the sheds. All are badly cracked. He says no.

warren said...

Fruit trees are investments that always pay off (assuming of course, that they live) It is so wonderful to just walk out in the yard and get a snack, prep for jelly or a pie, etc. I'd like to find a deal like yours somewhere around here!