Monday, August 11, 2014

Kamagong Journals Part Fourteen: Panoramic Landscapes

On this trip, for the first time in a decade, the stars aligned and my wife's family was all able to get time off at the same time. A lot of that is due to the school system of my brother-in-law's children which switched this year from the normal "summer" break schedule to the American version of it. Normally they have it earlier in the spring when my kids are still in school. To celebrate this fact, I treated the whole family to three days and two nights at a beach resort at the northernmost tip of the Luzon island. Though it was rainy season, we had three days of sunshine and mild weather with cleansing evening showers.

The resort, like many destinations, is the former residence of the local town mayor and we actually stayed in his house. Now that it is a resort, they built a duplicate house next door to increase the occupancy rates. The beach didn't have the bleach white sands that you find in central Philippines but it was pleasant just the same. The resort manager Ferdinand, named after the former president of the Philippines, ran a tight ship and made our stay enjoyable. He even had one of his workers chop me up some anahaw wood (a beautiful relative of the coconut tree) for me to take back home and to turn into some pens.

In the Philippines, when you go to the beach, you stake out your turf by sticking a stick in the sand and hanging up your clothes, towels, glasses, sandals, etc. Because we were the only people at the resort for the first two days of our stay at the resort, we had the beach to ourselves and a pack of local boys that spent most of their days swimming in the ocean.

Another view of Patapat bridge going around where the mountains meet the ocean in northern Philippines.


ErinFromIowa said...

Now I am jealous! :)

warren said...

Holy cow that is beautiful! Not all pano shots are created equal but these are exquisite!

edifice rex said...

Whoa!!!! beautiful!! I'm jealous too!!

Ed said...

Erin - We certainly don't have anything like that here in our state.

Warren - I must say, I'm in love with the iPhone pano feature. Why other's didn't think of it years ago is beyond me. Never again loading pictures into a stitching program and being disappointed with all the effort.

Edifice Rex - It was a beautiful place at the end of the world. Part of me wishes it wasn't so far so I could visit more often but the other part of me knows that if it was close, it would be crowded and trashed because it was easy to get too.