Wednesday, June 11, 2014

View From Heaven

I was up on a scaffolding down on the family farm doing some work and at times with no way down and my father off doing another part of the project, I had some time to kill and enjoy the view. It was a beautiful day and I was captivated by the crops growing, the garden freshly tilled off to the right and the clouds floating by. I just couldn't resist taking a panoramic photo.

The task at hand was to hang up a barn quilt that my brother and I gave my parents over this past Christmas. They are all the rage to hang up on barns and to show off that there is a farm wife somewhere on the farm who cares about what people see from the road. My father gets overwhelmed pretty easily with projects like hanging a barn quilt on the side of the machine shed so I volunteered back them to help him out when the weather was nicer. Last week he called in the favor.

Somewhere along the line, he got a scaffolding rig that slides onto the fork attachment for his front end loader. As you can tell, I ended up being the guy who got to go up and up I did. I'm guessing I was nearly 25 feet in the air on the rig. My father had to come up at one point when two hands were two too few and in order to join me, he had to get the other tractor with a scoop that can only go about fifteen feet tall but which you can scale up to the bucket if you climb on top of the tractor and use the smoke stack and part of the scoop bracing as stepping points. He was still about ten feet too short so he had to use a stepladder in the bucket to reach up to the bottom of my scaffolding. With our four hands, we managed to get the quilt screwed to the side of the machine shed and then bolted a couple places for good measure.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Ed, read our comments on Edifice Rex, Annie's recent post and agree in part that many bloggers do post about things of little or no interest to others at various times. We also do rhe same. But what really gets to me is how a post with umpteenth photos of nearly the same thing or a completely mundane photo can garner comments by the dozens.
And, I have noticed that it's such a game to the point of many bloggers seem to be intent on having hundreds of followers and commenting on so many daily. Not really good at that game playing. We enjoy blogging and try to include background material on places of interest, things we're doing, etc. that said, I poked around your blog briefly (sorry not enough time now) but I will return because I have enjoyed your comments on Annie's blog even if I do not comment on much to read and so little time, at times.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Forgot to add that I liked the pano shot and reading the account of that quilt hanging was a bit harrowing at times. We don't live on a farm, but do have a J Deere tractor and I can't imagine climbing up on it.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it puts a personal spin on what is so standardized. If a farmer/farm is doing a certain agriculture type then the buildings are much of a muchness. There is afteral only so many ways you can store kernels or seeds and I've ever only seen cows milked line astern or on a carousel.
I really like the idea, and I expect they really pop in both winter and summer over with you provided it wasn't raining.

Ed said...

Beatrice - I'm not either. I've always looked at blogging as an extension of my daily journal that I keep. It is mostly for my benefit but if others find it interesting and want to comment, so be it. I'm not in it for the comments but I must say that I've learned a lot from some of my commentors over the years.

Vince - You see a lot of them these days on barns near roads. I imagine in twenty years or so, most will have fallen off, rotted away and never put back up. So goes the fads.

sage said...

Those clouds look like they could be over heaven!

warren said...

It looks great and the pano pic is really nice! I like being up like least when I am properly attached tot he equipment...don't like dangling precariously from a ladder sometimes, but...anyhow, looks very nice!