Friday, June 13, 2014

Tramp Stamp

No not the tattoo that women get on their lower backs but the action my 18 month old does when put on the trampoline see in the picture. She stamps her feet on the trampoline and feels the bounce.

While down on the farm hanging the quilt, we also celebrated my oldest daughter's 8th birthday. It really only seems like a couple years ago I was blogging about her arrival here on this blog and somehow, eight years have gone by. Being conservative parents, we bought her a lego set and a few book sets but her grandparents were pretty keen to spoil her this year. I don't know how many times my brother and I begged for something like this and all it takes was to produce a granddaughter and suddenly 15 feet diameter trampolines are being showered upon me. So after hauling 300 pounds of trampoline back home in the van, it fell to me to set it up.

I worked a couple hours in the morning before it got hot and got much of it together. My mom had said that where she bought it online had lots of good comments on the quality of the trampoline but it also had lots of comments of people saying to make sure to start attaching springs in the correct holes because they had to completely start over when they didn't have it correct. So I made sure to thoroughly read the directions and start in the proper holes. That evening when it was in the shade, I went outside to assemble the safety net support poles and install them, the final task. That is when I noticed that the net was inside out. Nowhere in the instructions did it say that the new was directional (inside/outside) and could only be installed one way. Written all over the directions were many notes stating that the door must be positioned in a specific location so that a safety catch to keep the zipper closed when in use would work and I correctly located that before installing the hundreds of springs, safety covers, safety net, etc. On the final line of instruction, it said that the straps for attaching the poles should be on the outside of the netting and that was in fine print in a set of instructions full of bold, italicized and all cap warnings. Crap.

So at eight in the evening, I took off the protective covers tied in a hundred different places (I had literally spent a half hour tying every tie earlier in the evening) with elastic ties which made it a very slow process. Then I had to unhook every spring one by one and unfasten the protective net enclosure and re-hook the spring. Then I had to turn the protective net enclosure outside-in and re-hook every spring for the third time that day. Finally I had to add the protective covers and tie all those elastic ties yet again. Finally about 9:30, I installed the poles and the project was done. Well for the most part. I ordered some ground anchors to fasten the thing to the ground more permanently so that it doesn't sail away in the first wind storm we get which coincidentally forecast to arrive the evening I wrote this. They were calling for 100 mph straight line winds, baseball sized hail and 5 inches of rain. Knowing that I couldn't do much to stop anything from flying in 100 mph winds, I lashed it to the deck of the house, staked it to the ground in a few places and hoped they were wrong. They were wrong on all accounts. We did get a couple inches of rain but no winds or hail so it made it unscathed. The ground anchors arrived later and have now been installed. Hopefully that will hold it in place for most storms.


Anonymous said...

Is there a slight touch of jealousy. :-)

Anonymous said...

Is there a slight touch of jealousy. :-)

Ed said...

Vince - The jealousy is worse since I'm slightly over the weight limit to use it even now! My wife did but after about twenty minutes got off and has been laid up for several days due to hurting knees so perhaps it is just as well.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Being grandparants ourselves we do understand how these gifts can be bought, although in redent years we too have started to be more conservative...however, our granddaughter's 3rd birthday is approaching...but then grandpa would be the one assembling anything, so maybe not.

Bone said...

My parents didn't even wait until the grandkids, just until my baby sister came along, then she got a trampoline when I'd never had one.

Good thinking anchoring it down. I've known a couple of people whose tramps have been destroyed by a little storm.

Great title, too.