Friday, June 20, 2014

Joe Philippines Returns Home

Some of the old timers who still read this blog will know what the title implies but to those who don't, a brief explanation. A bit over ten years ago, not by any design or plan but solely by just being in the right place at the right time, I met a native Filipino in London, England of all places and after a few years married her. She ended up immigrating to the United States but still has some family back home in the Philippines and we go and visit them every so often.

The last time I went to visit was almost eight years ago. I can't believe how time has flown but I know that was how long because at the time, my wife was pregnant with our oldest daughter. Five years ago, I had every intention of going back for a visit with my wife and daughter before my wife started her residency which would prevent us from visiting for three years until she graduated. However being a slave to a nine to five job and being in the middle of a crisis in which everyone was looking at me to solve, I had to stay home and work to fix that problem while my wife and daughter went without me.

Two years ago my wife graduated from residency but because of all the major stresses going on in our lives, (both of us switching jobs, switching houses and towns and having another daughter), we haven't been able to go again until tomorrow that is. Tomorrow morning the four of us will be winging our way to the dark side of the globe which currently is in the middle of rainy typhoon season. Fortunately if we can just land, our destination is up in the mountains away from the coast where the weather is mild and there is no danger of being swept out to see or dying of humidity. I'm looking forward to it.

All this brings me to the title of the post which is Joe Philippines. On my first trip, I noticed a lot of strange Filipino natives would come up and say 'Hey Joe!' in greeting. I first thought it was because I looked like someone they knew but I soon figured out that they were calling me Joe, short for G.I. Joe. I guess because I'm six feet two inches tall with short blonde hair, I come close to fitting the bill. I would rather be shorter with a darker complexion so I don't stick out so much while over there especially in downtown Manila, but since that will never be, I'm okay with G.I. Joe.

Because internet connections are spotty to say the least and I'm not sure I'll even have access to the web on anything but perhaps a phone, my blog here will be silent until I get back. Hopefully sometime after the first week of July when I'm back, I can start writing about my adventures over there which I always have a lot of and posting a bunch of pictures. I love my adopted home away from home country and look forward to spending some time where life is a whole lot simpler. I'll try to stay safe and will see you all when I return.


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ErinFromIowa said...

What fun you and your family will have! Looking forward to when you post about them. Safe travels!

kymber said...

Joe - i hope that you have and your family have a fabulous time, take lots of pics, eat some incredible food (take pics of that, too!) and just all around enjoy yourself. and stay out of trouble - bahahhah!

much love to you and yours! your friend,

sage said...

Enjoy your trip and bring back stories for us to enjoy!