Friday, June 6, 2014

Boxed In

With the duties of looking after a very fast 18 month old child during the day, I have to set my goal list quite a bit lower than previously. (As if three months for a bathroom remodel wasn't low enough!) So I thought I would use some of my nap time quality time to work on some smaller woodworking projects where I can drop at a moments notice and go back to being a father when needed. Since I was warmed up using my box joint jig on the vanity drawers and the treasure chest for my daughter, I decided a couple more boxes were in order. The first one seen above is one that I made for myself, something I haven't done in a long time. I needed a place to tuck my wallet, extra cards that I only put in my wallet when needed, man jewelry like cuff links, tie clips, watch, etc., and perhaps a place to stash the coinage from my pocket and sunglasses. All that stuff had either been tossed on top of the dresser anyway or in a bowl on one of my closet shelves. Above and below are photos of the end result. I again used some more of the decorative molding stuff that previous owners of our previous house left behind and I've been storing for the last decade plus. The space in the middle of the lid certainly made me think that this would make a great jewelry box if I put a mirror there and lined the bottom with some red velvet. But since it is a man box this go around, I forwent all that.

My wife immediately wanted the box for herself when she saw it so in order to keep the peace, I promised her I would make a box for her too. She wanted a bigger box to store letters, cards and other memory inducing stuff that would slide under our bed and utilize a pretty useless storage space. So what you see below is what I came up with. Looks pretty similar but on a different scale. On her box I tried a new technique in building it that worked out well. Instead of building separate top and bottom pieces for the lid and body and trying to keep them the same size and square so they fit properly, I build them as one single piece. I just made the box joints, top and bottom and glued them all together so I had one solid box that I couldn't open. Then I set up my tablesaw and cut the lid from the body once it had set up and I had sanded the outside. That way I ended up with a perfectly matching box and lid. I will certainly go this route from now on.


sage said...

Nice work!

Anonymous said...

I'd been wracking my brain what the box reminded me. And it dawned a while ago while out with the hound. It looks like the chests they placed very expensive flintlock firearms back in the day. I forget which of the English country houses I saw them in but, but for baize, you could switch them.

Very lovely indeed.

Ed said...

Sage - Thanks.

Vince - I have thought about that and also a cigar humidor. That sized box is pretty versatile. I am working on another project that I need to get done before I take an overseas vacation and when I get back, it will probably be too hot to work in the garage so it will probably be fall again before I get to building more boxes.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Ed said...

Woody - Thanks. I'm working my way up to building a barn!