Wednesday, May 14, 2014


As you can see, I was able to get the vanity into the bathroom and tiled the countertop with leftover floor tile. Since we have a basin that sits on top, I put the small pieces of tiles and grout lines in the center where they will be covered up. As soon as I get the grout lines sealed up, I need to drill the hole for the sink drain and get to plumbing. Unfortunately the faucet has to be shipped over from Korea so it may still be a few weeks out. Fortunately, I really don't need it to get started on making the drawers which will be my first step once I get final locations for the p-trap assembly.

Taking a step back, I am showing in the photo above my illustration stick that I used to determine where the drawer bodies, drawer faces and drawer slides will be located along with the gaps. I am using this stick to hopefully get everything accurately located so that the drawers work properly. My drawer faces will be flush with the front of the vanity so I need for the gaps to look nice.

Here is a photo showing the finished treasure chest I made my daughter and showed how I made in my box joint post. Somewhere along the line I over sanded the top or cut the side pieces a little bit short so it didn't overlap perfectly but it will certainly work for what my daughter will use it for. All I am missing it the combination lock for it to prevent the riffling of the contents by unauthorized visitors and it will be done. I want to make another thinner one for myself to store my wallet, watch, pins, etc. that I have in my closet but I'm not sure I'll get that done until fall. Right now I'm racing a deadline of mother-in-law leaving for the summer and child getting out of school for the summer. Progress on everything will certainly slow down after that.

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