Monday, May 12, 2014

Shower.... Check!

The semi delivering my shower door finally arrived and a very friendly driver helped me offload it into my garage. He asked me why on earth I ordered it delivered through Fed-Ex instead of going to pick one up at the big box store across town which could order just about any door I wanted. I told him that I had looked at theirs and they had a cheaper made version of what I wanted (with thinner glass) but not one that would fit my odd sized shower. It also would cost quite a bit more than the one I had bought online delivered right to my door. He asked if I wasn't worried about the glass being broken and what I would do if it was. I was worried about the glass being broken because earlier I had a mirrored medicine cabinet delivered that was all busted up and had to have it sent back and a new one shipped to me. I told the driver that I've had pretty good luck on getting replacement parts on big items shipped to me if they were broken and that most manufacturers would do it free. He seemed satisfied with my answers but probably thought I was still a french fry short of a happy meal.

Fortunately when I opened the box the shower doors were intact and everything seemed well packaged. I was able to install the entire thing in a little over two hours with not much trouble. I hadn't thought ahead when the walls were open to put studs behind where the frame would go to give me something to screw into and I didn't know if one would be there by chance or not so I had to buy a small tile drill bit to drill into the tile first and see. If there had been studs I could have just screwed the side jams to the walls but as it turned out, there were no studs behind either side. So I had to get a package of molly bolts at the big box store to anchor the jams to the wall. (Two clerks there that I asked didn't know what a molly bolt was but I eventually found them on my own.)

I like the look of them and am happy with them thus far. The similar one at the big box store had a metal support in the middle as well which is another reason I went with these. I had hoped to not even have a metal header on top but couldn't find any like that. I think because they are glass, they just need to be top supported. So at long last, we now have a functioning shower and a functioning toilet. (Notice I got another shower head arm so the shower head can point down instead of at the back wall.) Now I just need a functioning sink, complete about a million little details and I can have a finished master bathroom again.


Bone said...

I'm fairly certain I've never made this statement before, but that's a sharp shower.

Having just recently moved into my first house, I'm just getting my feet wet on the whole home improvement thing. What do you know about wooden privacy fences? :)

Ed said...

Bone - Putting up a privacy fence is a pretty good first time do-it-yourself job. Most big box stores sell them as kits anymore so you just have to know how much fence you need and they deliver the parts.

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic!

Ed said...

Woody - Thanks. It feels fantastic as well!