Friday, May 23, 2014

Finished... For the Most Part

With two days to spare before the mother-in-law leaves for a summer in her homeland and I return to being a full time child behavioral modification therapist, I finished the bathroom. Technically I still have to drill a hole for the faucet when it arrives and then plumb it into the copper pipes, which as you all know can mean a lot of trips to the hardware store for a plumbing challenged person like me. However, the faucet is being shipped from Korea and won't be here until mid June so I have some time to wait for that.

After getting the drawers in the vanity, I started attaching hardware for various bathroom items like towels and toilet paper. I painted and stained trim and nailed it in place around the door and window. I did some caulking and hung the door. The latter took about a half dozen trips to the garage before I successfully hung it but I got it done. I had to trim a little off the bottom due to the increased height and the threshold that I made to transition for the bedroom carpet to the marble tile. I was worried that because marble if fairly soft and has fault lines that someone stepping right on the edge might break off a chunk and so the threshold should prevent that. With the door height correct, the door still would not shut. Evidently during all my construction and painting, the door would not clear the jam now. So I broke out my planer that I had bought last year and never got to use before it got cold and after four more trips to the garage, got the door hung.

By now I've had a chance to use the shower and I must say, it is nice. The shower head which had rain shower in the title is very weak for my tastes though. It is about like standing out in the rain, a nice gentle rain. This is good if you are outside enjoying rain but when you are in a shower with a head full of shampoo, it isn't necessarily the best thing. So I may have to find something a little more appropriate. (More on this in my next post.) The body sprays however are the cat's pajamas. It makes me wonder how I got along without them all my life. The thermostatic valve worked fine right out of the box with no adjustment needed. I haven't tried taking a shower while someone else is hogging the water supply to see if it functions correctly but with a house full of females, it is only a matter of time. You can also see the new shower head arm I got which now allows the water to point down instead of towards the back wall.

Now I'm going to take a break and catch up on some other things for a couple weeks until the faucet arrives and perhaps by then my wife will have a window covering picked out. With the deck right outside the window and clear glass shower doors, anyone on the deck will have quite the view until I put that up. I'm very happy with this project and it was well worth it. It took a dungeon of a bathroom and turned it into a room where you might want to spend some more time.


edifice rex said...

Nice!! I think it all came out real well.

jambaloney said...

I guess it is nice - you do amazing work - your bathroom belongs in a magazine - i REALLY loved your tongue and groove work on the drawers - NOTHING beats craftsmanship!!!!

amazing job - cheers!

warren said...

It looks pretty dang nice!