Friday, May 2, 2014

All About My Vanity

With progress in the bathroom waiting upon stuff to be shipped to my door and the weather being beautiful, I thought it was a perfect time for some garage time to build a bathroom vanity. You may remember some plans I posted on here awhile back and by in large, I have gone by them. Since I drew those up, we have decided to use some of the leftover floor tile for a vanity top and then put a sink vessel on top of that instead of a one piece unit or under counter top mounting one. To accommodate that and stay out of the way of the medicine cabinet door, I had to shorten it just a bit.

I used a sheet of 3/4" oak cabinet grade plywood and made a basic box which you can see in the above photo. The 'stains' that you see is just where I used a damp rag to wipe away glue drips so that the finish will go on well. I just glued all the joints and held things together with finish nails from my finish nailer. As it tends to do with plywood, I ended up with a few nails that came out at funny directions so I had to cut them off with my little dremel tool. They will all be covered up by the finish trim so it really isn't too big of deal. I just made sure that I erred on the side of the nail going out where it would be covered versus going to the finished side.

Once I had the box complete, I started applying the hardwood face trim that covers up all the plywood edges and makes things look nice. I glued it and temporarily held it in place with my 'new' pin nailer that I bought at the auction last summer for a song. It leaves a microscopic hole in the face that will never be seen and allows me plenty of time to get some clamps on things to hold it nicely. If everything was flat I wouldn't have bothered with the clamps and just let the pin nails hold it together until the glue dried but there were some small gaps so I squeezed those closed. I have all the front trim in place and deviated with it a bit from my plans. In them, I was going to make separate blocks to put underneath for legs which my wife wanted to show off the marble tile. Instead, I just ran the corner trim down to create the legs which I think will look better. You may notice a seam in the backpanel. I didn't have any scrap pieces big enough to do it with one piece so I covered it with two. It will be against the wall and with the drawers, it won't be seen anyway and since it really isn't structural, I went with it.

Tomorrow, I will put the last piece of trim on the right side and perhaps put some beading to soften the frame and panel look on that side. I then will give it a good sanding and can install it in the bathroom. I'm still waiting for the sink and faucet to be delivered so I really can't start on the drawers until I have them in place and know how much room I'm working with. I will probably screw the slide rails in before mounting the cabinet so that I won't have to do that while working around plumbing. At that point I can go ahead and apply the finish and tile top. By the time I'm done with all that, the sink should be here and I can plumb it up and then get started on the drawers. I plan to have three of them with at least one and probably two of them notched to fit around the p-trap of the sink and avoid the water lines in back to maximize use of the space. I have a nifty homemade dovetail like jig that I use on my tablesaw that makes incredibly strong joints that I will detail in a future post.

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