Monday, March 10, 2014

Big Plans

While waiting for the drywall mud to dry and get it sanded for what I hope is the final time, I did some doodling on the bathroom vanity I plan to build. I used to have access to professional 3-D software but now that I've left the rat race, I no longer have any. Well I no longer have the computer to run it at home anyway. So I decided to go old school and draw my plans on engineering paper with a pencil and ruler. 

Due to the small confines of the bathroom, we are going to keep the vanity depth the same as it was but stretch the width another six inches to allow for more room for the wife to set things while getting ready in the morning, something the old vanity didn't. So I designed the vanity cabinet for a standard 19" x 31" vanity top which we will most likely buy.

The carcass is going to be build using 3/4" plywood. Because I'm going to stain the final product, I'm using cabinet grade plywood, probably oak. Around the carcass, I plan to attach a hardwood face frame and side frame on side away from the wall. The latter will give it a frame and panel look. 

Instead of the typical one large door and three small drawer layouts, we are opting for a three large drawer layout. It seems more practical since the large portion behind the one large drawer isn't very well utilized space-wise in most vanities that I've seen. There is always lots of wasted room and a jumble of things on the bottom. To make things work around the sink P-trap, I will have to notch the top drawer and possibly the second. I will have to wait to get the sink attached to the P-trap before I make the final decision on that. 

The top drawer will be shallow for the wife's makeup and such things. The middle drawer will be a bit deeper and the bottom drawer will be the deepest to hopefully hold a couple sets of towels and wash clothes when not in use and was mostly what was stored in the cabinet I took out to expand the shower. 

I think I will let things simmer in my head a day or two before I actually start cutting any parts to make sure this is the route I want to take and catch any errors that I might have made. With the weather forecasted to start warming up, it will be a fun little project out in the shop.


Ron said...

Looking good. Notching the drawer around the p-trap is an interesting idea. I really like the idea of more drawers than open space.

Ed said...

Ron - We saw one like that in a big box store and I liked that idea. I've always thought that big open space under most sinks is wasted space. This should solve that.

warren said...

What is this fancy paper on which you draw? Our plans are all on napkins!

Ed said...

Warren - I have a stack of those too!