Friday, February 7, 2014

Black and White

At long last I finished scanning through my lifetime of accumulated prints and slides and brought my photos back into the digital age. At least the ones that I care to see again for the second time. It has been a fun process of reliving forgotten memories. They are now safely stored on my hard drive which gets backed up to a 'cloud' somewhere unnamed to me. I'm not sure where I go from here with them other than look at them. Perhaps a few trips I may make a Shutterfly book out of them but for now, I'm content to just look at them.

The picture above is of a girl in my black and white photography class I took over a decade ago. I kind of took it on a whim to fill up some weekend time and to learn some new skills. It did cover some basics such as general camera settings and composure but we spent a lot of time learning how to develop pictures in a darkroom. We were given assignments to take various pictures and then spend class time developing and enlarging them for critique. Of the dozen or so people in the class, I would say ten of them were there just to learn how to use their camera. They were all senior citizens who blew some money on fancy cameras that they couldn't comprehend a tiny fraction of the settings. The one other peer my age is the girl seen above. I have long since forgotten her name but she made going to the class interesting for me. When we went off for our assignments, she and I often went together and photographed some of the same subjects. The old lamp post in the background is surely the same one I photographed and posted on here on this blog a few weeks ago.

I love stone buildings. To me they just ooze personality and permanence, two things I would love to have in my dream home someday. I want to build not just a house but something artistically beautiful that will be here long after I'm not. Today's housing are pretty much forgettable and soon gone. They just don't make them the way they used too. I'm not sure what building this is but I'm pretty sure I know what town it is found in. The town is an old river town along the Mississippi where I was living at the time.

Finally this is one of my favorite black and white photos that I have taken. In fact, I blew this picture up, framed it and it now hangs on one of the walls of my parent's house. Someday I would like to do the same for one of the walls of my house. This one was taken a few years before the first two when I lived in Minnesota and is of one of the numerous streams along the Northshore area that flow into Lake Superior. I still remember taking this picture like it was yesterday, not because of the beauty but because of the offhand way I took it. I had hiked down a long trail to a waterfall and spent the morning photographing it. On my way back to my car, I crossed this stream and just happened to look up and notice it in a way I hadn't seen on the way to the waterfall. Since I had two pictures left on my roll of film, I thought it a good place to burn the rest of the roll so when I got back the pictures could be developed. I snapped the pictures and left. Once I developed the pictures, I was amazed at how beautiful that spot really was and wished I had spent more time there. 

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