Wednesday, January 8, 2014


We have been renting beach houses during our times in Florida because it seems that they are in plentiful supply and are big enough for four families to congregate without being on top of each other all the time. Our normal house that we rented got rented out from under our noses so we had to choose new digs this year and while it was adequate, it wasn't nearly as nice as the previous one. The one advantage is that it was about six miles further west down the beach and not so near the large condos which gave it a more private beach setting.

On the one day we did see the sun, I was able to grab this photo of the sunrise. By mid afternoon, the clouds rolled in again and that was the last we would see of the sun until about halfway back to Iowa. The stretch of beach we occupy during our stay is on a little hump of Florida that sticks out into the gulf so that the coastline actually runs southeast to northwest. This means the sun actually rises slightly inland from my perspective and sets over the ocean in the evening and thus providing beautiful scenes to photograph when clouds are not expected.

So while I never got to see the sun actually set over a beer during this trip, I did spend my share of time watching where it would set while sipping a beer and imaging how beautiful it would have looked. It is relaxing and that is the reason I love going down there. Someday I have this dream of renting a house for a couple months in a row during a slightly warmer period along the coast when it still isn't killing busy and perhaps writing a book while looking out over the ocean. It just seems like the right thing to do.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos.

Ed said...

Vince - It amazes me how far camera phone technology has come. I'm guessing they are making cheap point and shoot cameras obsolete.

Anonymous said...

They are for certain making all cameras more reasonable. The big camera corps are now putting out three cameras entry, mid and enthusiast twice a year and a Pro one once. My dslr camera is the same price as I paid for the point and shoot Jan' two years ago.
I'm only delighted. Nikon and Canon were playing a nasty game for years. It was costing them pennies to produce both cameras and lenses and were demanding a kings ransom. One of them even went into bankruptcy in 2012 when their borrowings and flows went so out of kilter it made them un-viable.