Monday, January 13, 2014

Storm On the Horizon

On two of the days I was on the Gulf of Mexico, there were storms off shore looming but never seemed to make it to where I was staying. The rain seemed to dry up right before reaching the shore here during the day though it would make it to shore perhaps 50 miles to the west. At night, something would change and the rains would come before it receded back off shore in the early hours of the morning.

As a result, we had lots of big waves (I would guess around eight feet tall out a ways from shore) for most of the stay with two days at the end with nary a breaking wave to be seen. I saw several paddle surfers out and about in the waves having fun. As someone who grew up in the heartland and who never saw an ocean until nearly twenty, I have to confess the ocean intimidates me. The one time I went swimming in the ocean during a summer in the Philippines, all I could think about were jellyfish and sharks. At that time, the waves were barely a foot tall and the one time I went underwater the salt water made me gag and wretch. It just didn't feel natural at all and so I am envious when I see those out in it and very at ease.

I suppose now that I am older and wiser my experience would be much different and hopefully much better but I haven't been swimming in the ocean since that one time ten years ago. The couple handful of times I've been near one in the intervening years, it has been to cold to swim in the ocean or I was there for business and not pleasure.

On an unrelated note since I have posted several panoramic photos so far, I had problems taking them when the brightest part of the picture was to my left. The reason for this was because the panoramic photo software told me to start at the left and sweep to the right to take the picture and the light was metered at the beginning. After trying unsuccessfully to take a picture of the sunrise that I posted on here a couple posts ago, I found the by turning my camera upside down I could defeat this limitation but then would need to rectify an upside down picture with software later on. On the final day of my trip, I accidentally hit the arrow showing my which way to sweep the camera to take the picture and found out that it can reverse itself just fine without having to hold the phone upside down. I ended up taking lots of panoramic photos of the beach because it just seems the proper way to capture the feeling.


Bone said...

I always try to go in the ocean a few times when I'm at the beach. Just try to put the sharks out of mind. (Now that I actually type it out, it doesn't sound all that smart.)

Of course, I normally go when it's much warmer, so an occasional dip in the Gulf provides a welcome and needed respite from the heat.

sage said...

I learned to swim in salt water so it was a shock when I went to scout camp and failed the floating test to become a swimmer when I could swim better than most. I have never played with the panoramic features of a camera. Interesting.