Monday, January 27, 2014

No Idea

I don't remember taking this photo but I know that I must have because it is on a roll of film that I had developed back in 2004 and just recently scanned the negatives into my computer. There were two photos of this house sandwiched between Easter and my wedding so it was probably taken in spring of 2004. Other than that I have no other facts.

Looking at it now, I know why it attracted me. The arrangement of the windows and door along with the dilapidated condition make me see a house that is screaming.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it looks rather wounded right enough. Good shot.

ErinFromIowa said...

There's a slice of Iowa winter for ya. :)

Ed said...

Vince - Thanks.

Erin - It sure is. I just wish I knew where it was that I took the picture.

warren said...

It almost looks like a face that reflects its appearance...dead. Kinda creepy...but cool too. Def photo-worthy!