Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Trip Down the Grand Canyon

To all who find this post, I compiled it much later after writing all these posts linked below and back dated it so that I was published in my blog archives. After numerous requests of people interested in reading about my dory trip down the Grand Canyon, I thought reading these older posts would be the easiest way. There is so much to say about the trip and I want you to hear it all and so by compiling all these links more or less in order into one post, it means I only have to send out one link to this post to allow someone else to read all the previous posts. Unfortunately, most of my pictures have the links broken by acquisitions of photo storage sites, with the exception of the last four blog posts which were written some time after the rest. I still have all the pictures, but I'm not interested in relinking them all into the correct posts again. Trust me, they were beautiful.
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The Dream In the Beginning: Part One
The Dream In the Beginning: Part Two
Grand Canyon Logistics: The Trip
Grand Canyon Logistics: Camp Life
Day One
Day Two On the River
Day Two In Camp
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five: Climbing Nankoweap Butte
Day Six: Another Day In Paradise
Day Seven: Big Water and a Small Camp
Day Seven: The Beginning of Emotional Scarring
Day Eight: Big Water
Day Eight: Alive Below Crystal
Day Nine: The Long Walk
Day Ten: Elves Chasm
Day Ten: Bath Time
Day Eleven: A Fine Day
Day Twelve: Thunder River/Deer Creek Traverse
Day Thirteen: Finding My Inner Little Boy
Day Fourteen: Mooney Falls
Day Fifteen: Alive Below Lava!
Day Sixteen: BETRAYAL... again
Day Seventeen: Offloading Before The End Arrives
Day Eighteen: My Betrayal
Day Nineteen: In Mourning
The Aftermath
Catching a Ringtail CatAction
The View From the Bottom
Camp Life

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