Friday, January 24, 2014

Better Late Than Never

I forgot that I had pictures from my trip on my other camera and only recently cleaned them out. While most of them were of my family, there were a few photos that I thought I would post here. I like this one because it contains a few palm trees, a novelty to me living in the Midwest, sea oats, the ocean and the pier. I guess saying that, they are all a novelty to me. We have hardwood trees, grain oats, some ponds and perhaps a dock. While all beautiful in their own right, it just isn't the same.

You could tell a rental house from a house where people lived all year by the condition of the dune and sea oats out front. On all the rentals, the dunes were chopped up by constant walking back and forth and the sea oats were sparse and didn't look very lush. Right next door to our rental the dune was intact and the sea oats very lush because the owners no doubt walked on an elevated board walk designed to protect the dune and possibly their home from flooding in case of a storm surge. We always respect the dunes in front of whatever rental we use by staying on the marked path and not straying until we get to the beach. The rental house on the other side wasn't so lucky as the occupants were always thrashing around on the dune and cutting into it deeper while ripping out sea oats blocking their view.

I didn't  remove any sea oats to take pictures while seated on our patio which is how I ended up with a picture of a pelican that looked like this. I don't recall seeing pelicans on our other trips but I saw lots of them this trip. They loved to skim inches above the water a couple dozen feet out from the shore catching some sort of air rebound off the water surface. I was always amazed at how they never dipped into the water by accident. This one soared up off the water and I snapped this picture right before he did a header into the water and caught a fish. By the time I got standing to snap a clear picture he was already gone.


Ron said...

I went to CA years ago in January, and marveled at the strange world there by the ocean, coming from Minnesota. Cactus, palm trees, sea lions, hippies. It was nifty... but it was kinda nice to get back to the frozen tundra I was used to. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. I really like the one with the bird.

Ed said...

Ron - I really wanted to see some hippies the last time I went to California. I met a very nice homeless fellow but nary a hippy.

Vince - The pelicans seemed so regal compared to the other ocean birds.