Friday, December 20, 2013


This is a recently scanned in picture from our honeymoon almost ten years ago. Some people go to resorts in tropical locations but we opted for a cabin in the woods about three miles up the trail from where this picture was taken. To take this picture we were perched on a narrow ledge about 300 feet up a sheer bluff above the Buffalo River in northwest Arkansas. Whenever I think of northwest Arkansas, this is the picture in my mind. I can sit on this ledge or rock for hours overlooking 'my kingdom' and have done so. I have also explored about every inch of what you see down below.

The next picture I think was taken during a hike down one of the nearby tributaries of the Buffalo River. This creek descends about a mile in elevation in about a mile of horizontal distance and is a beautiful place. Back during my youth, it was almost unknown to all but a few locals but by the time of our honeymoon, the word was starting to get out and though we didn't see anyone, the trail was very defined. I think this was the last time we went down this creek and hopefully when our daughters are old enough to make the trip, we will go down it again.

For reference, this picture encompasses about 80 vertical feet of fall.


sage said...

Has your beloved forgiven you yet... I think mine might just be getting over our "river cruise" into the sub-arctic of Canada.

Ed said...

Sage - She hasn't forgiven me for not getting back there again in the last seven years!