Friday, December 13, 2013

Big Chief

While out doing some errands, I came across this scene, one of which I have encountered dozens of times before but never knew quite how to deal with it. How do you photograph an eight foot tall statue lying in repose on a pellet set on the floor. I've taken several pictures last year of this same statue but because it was impossible to get above the thing, none of them really gave the statue justice. But now I happen to have an app on my phone for taking panoramic photos and I thought that perhaps this time I might accomplish something.  I held the phone as high as I could to get as much of the statue in the frame and then walked along the thing trying to hold the phone steady to capture the above picture. Not too shabby.

Shortly after we signed the purchase agreement for our current home two summers ago, a huge windstorm pushed through the area knocking down lots of trees and this statue which used to reside on top of the county courthouse. The last time I saw the statue up close, it was corroded and coming apart at the seams and looked almost unsalvageable. Local organizations coughed up the funds and found the right talent and now the statue is looking in pretty good condition. The local paper had an article a couple weeks ago about an attempt to re-install the statue in it's rightful position but the receptacle that it slides into was badly corroded and also in bad shape. They decided to do things right and fix that first and so now the statue is 'sleeping' in the county courthouse awaiting the day when he can go back on top.


Anonymous said...

More Mohawk than Sleepy Ones ?. Is there any Ioway's in the hinterland/shadow of it today.

Ed said...

Vince - Chief Wapello was a Meskwaki Indian which still maintain a small reservation in Iowa that is most well known today for their gambling casino.