Wednesday, December 4, 2013


This photo sums up what I feel about this time between Thanksgiving and the New Year. There is a lot going on and sometimes all one can do is hang on and brace yourself for the ride. I'm not a bah humbug type of person with the holidays but I do like to lay low a bit and let some of the obnoxious parts pass me by.

These pictures are all ones that I took on my Grand Canyon river trip in the spring of 2000. They first three were all probably taken while we were scouting rapids. We would pull over and the people maneuvering the boats would discuss things over about lines and waves and such since the river was ever changing. After that, they would discuss the order of the boats going through the rapids. If you were in the first boat, you nervously walked back to the boat knowing full well you were now a guinea pig for the other three boats and you were lucky to get a picture of the latter boats running the rapids from far below.

However if you were in one of the last boats, we would linger along the shore and take some action shots of the first boats running the rapids. The previous three give you some sense of how large the water is on the Colorado river even though these rapids weren't nearly some of the biggest or worst. The raft shown above was our baggage raft and was around 20 feet long to give you some sense of scale. It allowed the wooden dory boats that the passengers rode in to be light enough that we could put ourselves in sportier parts of the rapids without being sluggish from the weight.

I took along a waterproof camera hoping to get action shots from the river but that didn't happen for the most part. Any really big rapids that we were running, I was 100% focused on the waves and throwing my weight around to one side or the other to keep the tiny dory boat upright. This required both hands to hold myself into the boat and not go for a swim. In the picture above, we came to one of the smaller unnamed rapids with a wave train at the end with some small 8 to 10 feet waves that we just surfed on through. This freed up one of my hands to take some action shots of running a rapids, one of the better ones shown above.


Leigh said...

I was going to ask if you had a waterproof camera! Pretty amazing shots, actually.

OK, I can't help but shamelessly mention that my homesteading book has been published; I've very excited! Please do drop by my blog soon to help me celebrate. :)

Ed said...

Leigh - I don't have a waterproof camera but I borrowed one to take along on the trip. For the most part, the shots it took were pretty poor but it did allow me to take shots safely where I couldn't with my SLR.

Congratulations on your book. Everyone should go over to Leigh's blog and check it out. Buy a copy too!

Anonymous said...

I wondered about the camera too.

It must have been a fascinating trip.