Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Walking the Sloughs

Continuing with our walk along the river in my last post, we also walked along the sloughs of the old river system that was cut off after the river was straightened and "improved." It was peaceful and beautiful though all my photos are flawed due to an unnoticed raindrop I picked up along the way.

As we were walking on the paved trail, there were plenty of squirrels to be seen but this one below was extremely aggressive in seeking food from me. In this picture he is only about three feet away from me as I crouched down to take his picture. With the trail following the slough on one side and a large park on the other, I have no doubt that this fellow is used to eating well from the hands of humans.

It took some doing but I finally scared him enough for him to scamper up a nearby tree. Still he kept an eye out on me in case I changed my mind.


sage said...

It takes an arrogant human (or a beaver) to believe we can improve a river! Nice shots.

Ed said...

Sage - Because this river is largely undeveloped along most of its course, it still has plenty of land to flood and distribute its water but a neighboring river to the north doesn't and in recent years, it has flooded many times with devastating effects. Each time, they keep increasing the height of the levees and adding more of them making flooding more frequent and more devastating.

warren said...

I am glad you made it safely aware from the rogue squirrel...danger!

Anonymous said...

That are aggressive little devils. Just as well they are the size they are, if they were any bigger they'd be mugging people.

Ed said...

Warren - Vince said it best. If the guy had been bigger he would have mugged me!

Vince - That is an awesome way to capture their aggressiveness. I am going to have to adopt that phrase!