Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Technical Difficulties Hopefully Are Over

Hopefully the worst is over. I have been reading Roundrockjournal for many years now and enjoy it but evidently Pablo has got himself a nasty malware bug. Because I had his wordpress blog linked on my sidebar and also because I was listed as a 'follower' of his blog, my blog was being flagged by Google Chrome. I have removed his blog for the time being from my reading list and I am no longer 'following' his blog through blogger. I have also grabbed a new template to replace my old one to remove any vestiges of malware that might have been implanted on my blog. Hopefully that resolves any issues people were having accessing my blog. Thanks for your patience.


roaring40 said...

I'm somewhat amazed Chrome flagged his place through yours. I get it flagging one step but two. That's actually a bit more frightening than the malware.

roaring40 said...
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Ed said...

Vince - Yeah I'm kind of surprised too. It seems a bit excessive in my opinion especially since Chrome has the ability to make it hard for anyone to open up his blog from any webpage. Why make it difficult for people to open up my blog too?