Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Men At Work

First I apologize for the quality of the photo taken through a screen window but I was afraid if I stepped out onto the front stoop, I would scare them all away. Since we moved into this place a year and a half ago, the power has gone out about a half dozen times. Once was due to a big tree that fell across the lines along the main road and pulled several blocks of them down. Another was due to a squirrel who thought he would replace the line fuse. The rest have happened at odd hours of the day due to a line buried in my front yard that evidently has seen its better days.

They tried rerouting the electricity for our street by switching it at the node box where everyone is standing but that didn't work out either so they hooked it up to the faulty line under my yard and said they would be back to fix it later. Several months pass and in a flurry of activity, all the utility companies showed up to mark their lines under my yard. As it turns out, the water, gas, phone and cable all run along with the electrical line. I figured once it was flagged and painted they would be out shortly to complete the work but as it turned out it was three weeks, a few showers and two lawn mowings later that they finally returned. By then all the paint had long ago been destroyed so the crews just sat around waiting for all the utility companies to come out and remark everything again.

They used a directional underground boring tool and buried a 200 yard long stretch of tubing that will hold the new electrical line. They only cut the cable and gas lines in doing so. What you see is them responding to the latter one. Eventually they got a fire extinguisher out of the truck and let me know what had happened after they had shut off gas service for the entire street. The got both lines repaired and even relit my water heater for me.

That was all two weeks ago. Today they finally showed up to install a new pole at the corner where the electrical cable goes from being underground to above ground. I'm guessing that is all they will get done today and it will probably be several weeks before they string the new line and actually make the connections. It would be nice if they get this done before winter so we don't have to worry about losing electricity while gone on vacation.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're probably correct to treat them like skittish 'rare' wildlife. Of course it's not their fault they are so near extinction. At one point about 30 years ago such Spikey-y-booted hi-viz pole climbers were a relatively common sight on the worlds roads. But lots of things like vehicles that will start every time, mostly though it's a profit thing for the utility corp.

Ed said...

Vince - Another couple weeks have gone by and I have yet to see them come to finish their project. They probably only have a morning's worth of work to hook everything up.

Here in the midwest, utility companies are some of the richest companies around.