Friday, September 13, 2013

South Dakota: Badlands

After uploading these four pictures and sitting on this post for awhile, I still can think of little to say about them. They pretty much speak for themselves. They are pictures of the famous Badlands of South Dakota. The smallest part of the park and the most scenic can be visited by driving a loop road off the nearby interstate adding perhaps an hour to your commute. The vast majority of the park is hidden south and in not visited nearly as much. Because we were needing to get home before school started for my oldest daughter, we took the shorter scenic loop off the interstate.

The place is gorgeous and the last time I was here I spent part of a day hiking in it. I saw nary a soul and had the time of my life sitting looking out into the Badlands. Just me and the prairie dogs.

This time however, it was killing hot and my three guests were worn out from the day before so I mostly just hiked to the various overlooks near the road or took really short hikes, took the obligatory pictures and drove on. Next time, I need to come in the spring and do some more hiking again.


Ron said...

The last time I was to the sights in South Dakota was on the way back from our honeymoon, 15 years ago. We didn't explore as thoroughly as you have though.

Hopefully, you at least got some free ice water at Wall Drug. :)

Ed said...

Ron - Wall Drug has been one of those places just like the Corn Palace. I've always avoided it thinking that it was just a tourist trap. This trip was no different. The closest I got to Wall Drug was passing by on the interstate.

I feel as if I have only scratched the surface of South Dakota. To fully explore it I think I would need a few months and a backpack.

Anonymous said...