Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Although I can technically hang with the best when need be, internally I am not a social butterfly. So when I have six guests spending a week in my house, I have a hard time retaining my sanity. I pick my moments by going to bed early so that I can get up even earlier than normal which sometimes nets me a couple quiet hours in the morning. During the day, I sneak out to the garage where even the oven like conditions seem refreshing in the quietness. In the evenings, I sneak down to my office and get an hour or so sitting on the computer catching up with the day's events. With all that, I am managing my sanity and counting down the days until we loose half of those guests.

But despite the disadvantages, having guests does have its advantages. Because they too are aware of the cramped conditions, they go out of their way to help with the normal household chores. I haven't cooked a meal or washed a dish in several days now. They look after my daughter while I spent some time in the garage working on a project and perhaps the best advantage is that they happen to live next to an ocean and were kind enough to bring six dozen fresh crab with them.

I put every big pot we had full of water and crab boiling spices on the stove and cooked up a load of veggies and four dozen of the crab. If those weren't the tastiest crab I have ever eaten, I would be surprised. Now as of this posting, we are on day two of eating crabs and we still have a few more left to eat. Today, the guests stewed some of the leftover crabs in coconut milk and we ate that over rice. It was delicious too. They also brought us two pounds of freshly shucked crab meat that I am planning on making into crab cakes tomorrow. We may be crowded and it may be noisy at times but fresh crab certainly eases the pain!


kymber said...

oh Ed - i soooo understand about having guests in the house and not finding - - and

but heck - they found crabs so forgiveness is in order!

i looooooove crabs! and fresh crabs even more! we live in a place where we can get fresh lobster, crabs, mussells and clams all of the time! oh boy i hope you eat your fill of crabs! love 'em!

your friend,

Ed said...

Kymber - I did get my fill and still have two dozen cooked ones in the freezer for another day. I love living in the rural midwest but I often wished we had an inland sea close by!

edifice rex said...

The crabs would greatly help my feelings too. lol!

TC said...

I'll take some of those guests! Yum!