Monday, July 1, 2013


While driving back home from Indiana, we stopped for a breather at Galesburg, Illinois and drove around town. What we were looking for is the Old Main building shown below which is the only building standing that once housed an audience listening to Abraham Lincoln debate Stephen Douglas. What we found was not only the Old Main building but a campus full of old buildings that are the counterpoint to the suburbs I complained about in my last blog post. They are stunning and still standing after nearly 200 years, something the houses in the suburbs won't be doing.

I'm guessing this one was undergoing renovations since the stairs were eight feet off the ground. It would be a nasty surprised to anyone trying to beat a hasty retreat out those doors.

This one struck my fancy not only because of the brick and stone work but of the round turret. I have always been fond of round rooms in architecture because they seem to open up things a bit. Geometry says that you can get more square feet in a circle than a square of the same boundaries so I guess that is why. It also explains why I am drawn to dome homes which follows the same principles.

We walked around for a bit, checked out Old Main which appears to be a working office building for the college and left on our way again. I suspect if I were still alive 100 years from now, these buildings will still be standing and looking just like they were on that day.

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sage said...

I've been through Galesburg many times on the train, but have never been there.