Monday, July 8, 2013

... And So It Goes

Readers to this blog will know that last year was full of life changing events. We added another daughter to our family, bought and sold a house with load and insurance difficulties on both ends and we both changed jobs. I was let go and my wife accepted a job in another city. But finally we got through all that stuff, settled in and prepared for a long and hopefully uneventful winter to recuperate. That didn't happen.

Back in January, my wife called me from work to tearfully tell me she had been laid off and then hung up. I can tell you all kinds of things went through my mind with a new home, a new kid and two parents without a job. Sure we have a good sized cash balance saved up to allow us to go a year or two if we stretch it before we were in trouble, much more if we were to dip into retirement savings but who wants to go through that. Fortunately I only had to worry for a few hours until she came home and fully explained what had happened.

Her employer had decided that they were selling the business and gave my wife and her colleagues six months to find a buyer for the business. Fortunately there were a lot of people interested in the business but six months is a short period of time to finalize everything. After probably four months, a buyer finally signed a letter of intent on buying their business but there were all kinds of hoops to go through.

Slowly hoops were cleared but a large one remained. In order for the deal to go through, so many of my wife's colleagues and her had to sign a contract with the new company or the deal would fall through. This wasn't such a bad deal but five and a half months went by and no contract had yet to be seen by anyone. Finally with two weeks to go, they received rough drafts of the contract but it was missing lots of stuff that had to be added. Back and forth it went. With two days left before the old employer closed the doors, there still was not a contract. Finally on the final day, my wife received the revised version of her contract and the deal was at last inked.

My wife is now gainfully employed again and with a better employer than the last one she had. I'm still self employed as a CBMT (Child Behavioral Modification Therapist) and home builder/contractor. I would like to think that perhaps now we can have a period of years to just relax and let time pass us by but next week my mother-in-law arrives on a one-way ticket for a stay of who knows how long. Perhaps in my next life....


Anonymous said...

That's a load off!

Ed said...

Woody - One off and another one arriving.

Ron said...

It's the stress that kills ya, in my opinion. To hell with everything, just give me peace and quiet.

But it's the price we pay these days. Some things dramatically easier than they were for the people who came before. Some things a heck of a lot harder and more complex.