Monday, June 24, 2013

Turning Seven

I can't believe seven years has gone by after making the announcement here on this blog that my first daughter was now kicking and screaming in this world. It seemed like I had been blogging forever before that announcement and now seven more years have passed.

My wife the cake baker extraordinaire made the above cake for my daughter's seventh birthday earlier this month. It required my daughter giving up one of her barbies to temporarily be stuck in a cake but after the reviews from ten of her peers who showed up to eat it, it was well worth it.

Ten kids showed up for three hours and made me feel like a train wreck of a parent. I'm glad I only have two which I can decently manage. With eleven kids running around, you have to just rely on fate to keep them safe because I certainly couldn't. I put a stop to the sword playing with metal skewers that two of them found god knows where outside but I failed to save the one kid who slid off the railing of our deck and fell over eight feet to the ground. Fortunately kids, especially young boys at that age are practically indestructible and he was back up and running around in a couple minutes. He did not attempt another run down the railing though.

All children survived and my daughter ended up receiving several more barbies for her collection. I took some aspirin and hid out downstairs for the rest of the day trying to regain my sanity. Having a large birthday party for your daughter is probably the best form of birth control on the market today!


Bone said...

Having a large birthday party for your daughter is probably the best form of birth control on the market today!

I chuckled at that.

I'm always on edge around my nephew, as he's inevitably standing on a backless chair or teetering on the edge of something. But you're right, kids of that age seem virtually invincible (and oblivious) to such hazards.

And that's a cake???? Wow. That is impressive.

Ed said...

Bone - If I had sliced that cake traditionally, the slices would have been a foot tall! While I like cake, that seemed like too much sugar for a pack of seven-year-olds so I cut them in half.

Ron said...

What an incredible cake - !

11 kids around that age... I don't think I would survive... nowadays, the birthdays are much smaller events, by her choice, thank goodness.

kymber said...

Ed - it sounds like you near lost your slight grip on sanity - bahahahahah! that cake is gorgeous! when i was leaving one federal department for another, my colleagues got me a professional barbie cake (i love barbie) and your wife's looks a hundred times better. she's in the wrong field - she should be a cake maker! anyway - i'm glad all of the kids made it through the party - and tell your daughter a Happy Belated Birthday for me!

your friend,

Leigh said...

Oh my goodness, a Barbie cake. That, is a 7 year old's dream cake for sure!

Ed said...

Ron - The nice thing about her getting older is that I don't feel as if I need quite the level of supervision that I did when she had a bunch of say five year olds over.

Kymber - I guess you could say my wife graduated from a cake baking school that she took over the course of a year about eight years ago.

Leigh - It sure was! You should have seen the kids fight over which part of Barbie's dress they wanted to eat.

sage said...

Wow, it has been seven years... I remember those early stories. What a cake, your wife is very talented (btw, I also remember those earlier birthday parties as I am now teaching my daughter how to drive)

malor said...

7 years. Happy Birthday! Time goes fast. The cake is beautiful.