Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Storm Clouds Rising

These pictures were all from the storm about this time last week that left behind more than a month's worth of rain in two days. They certainly were ugly looking clouds but fortunately passed by just to the north of our house. The same storm left baseball sized hail to the west of us a ways.


Ron said...

Other than the ominous feeling that we might end up in the land of Oz... I really enjoy watching clouds like that. We've had some this year that I just watched for a long time, moving around and changing directions.

I dread baseball-sized hail. I can just imagine the damage from that.

Anonymous said...

These photos are showing VASTLY better in the reader.

Angry clouds.

Ed said...

Ron - I love watching storms roll into too, especially when they are just to the north, south or east of me. I don't like hail either. I once was caught out in some golf ball sized hail once and had fifty cent sized bruises all over my shoulders and back before I was able to get to safety. A baseball sized chunk of ice whizzing at 200 mph? I don't want to even consider the effects of that!

Vince - I don't have much time for photo altering so they are just straight from my camera to my blog. They were angry clouds and just shy of producing tornadoes.

Anonymous said...

Sorry what I was struck about was the difference in sizing and clarity between what was in the reader and the quality on Blogger. Not the photos themselves they are wild.