Monday, June 17, 2013

Gone and Back Again

You would think that without the normal nine to five job, life would be on easy street but it isn't. It was so hectic in the couple weeks leading up to our scheduled vacation, that I forgot to prep the blog. Normally I put up some post letting people know that I'm away in case they miss my witty/stupid comments that I occasionally leave behind and then I pull the plug on automatic posting. But this time I forgot both things and while I was gone, my blog continued to auto-fire blogs at you until my stock pile was exhausted and hitting on blanks. Perhaps I will remember next time.

Due to my daughter's school being a little free on announcing days off due to a slight dusting of snow, they had 11 snow days to make up this year, about three times higher than average and making my daughter's school, the last school in session in the entire state of Iowa. Because of that, she was in school during the first part of our scheduled time off leaving us scrambling to make other plans. In the end, we decided on a trip out to Indiana to see some friends we hadn't seen in a few years.

The trip went well though it had its flaws. Our friends live in cookie cutter suburbialand and it amazed me how people actually want to live like that. More on that though in a future post. The only other setback actually occurred on the way back home.

We were about 4 hours into our 6 hour drive and stopped for gas. While pulling into the station, I heard my wife ask the oldest daughter if she needed the restroom and the daughter said no. I pulled up to the pump, got out, and did my thing. Since I paid at the pump, when everything was done, I hopped in the van and headed on down the road. I could hear our youngest daughter in the back playing with one of her toys and thought all was well. But after two miles, something about the quietness made me look behind me and gasp in shock. My wife and oldest daughter were no where to be found.

I got turned around and drove the two miles back to the gas station where my laughing wife and oldest daughter in tears were waiting for me. My oldest daughter thought I had just had enough and decided to leave them at the gas station forever. That was a first for me and I felt fortunate that I only went 2 miles. Sometimes when I'm in the zone and everyone is napping in the van behind me, I can put a couple hundred miles behind me without even blinking. We had a good laugh about it and I thought I would share it with you.


edifice rex said...

Wow! and I thought Jack could be absentminded!! LOL!

warren said...

I have never understood living like that just has never occurred to me to be that close and in an identical house. I need space!

Ed said...

Edifice Rex - That was hopefully a one time event!

Warren - I can understand why some people like it but it certainly isn't for me.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

Many years ago when I was driving from New York to Idaho with six kids (not in carseats) I stopped the car at a service station in either Kansas or Nebraska. We all unloaded and did what we had to do (with eight of us that took some time), then loaded into the car. I called out to the crowd "Is everyone on board?" My oldest replied that everyone was where they ought to be, so I took off down the road at maximum legal speed. About half an hour later, my wife began to distribute treats which she had bought at the service station. In doing so she became loudly and almost hysterically aware that my second son, Stuart, was not with us.
Muttering threats of future retaliation at the oldest son, I did the quickest U turn possible and raced back to the service station at somewhat higher speech than the one at which we departed. When we returned, we discovered Stuart, (then about five or six years old) sitting on the curb next to the gas pump patiently whittling. (Boys generally carried pocket knives back in that prehistoric time.) I jumped out of the car, grabbbed him in a big hug and frantically apologized for having left him. He quietly said something like "No big deal, I knew you you would be back in a couple of hours."

Anonymous said...

I've been tempted, even more so that she is a teenager.

Ed said...

3 Score - Wow! That was awhile. Of course like you said, it was a different time back then and bad things seemed less likely to happen.

Woody - I'll find out I guess in another handful of years when she enters her teens.

malor said...

LOL! It happened to my co worker too. The thing is she was really far away like about 80 to 100 miles when she realized that she left her husband in the gas station. He did not have cellphone with him. She was listening to audiobook and she thought her husband was asleep at the back where he was when she went to the bathroom in the gas station.

Bone said...

Bahahahaaaa. That's great, Ed. My sister claims my dad left her at a gas station when she was little. Of course, I tell her it was on purpose.