Monday, May 27, 2013


My sharp eyed wife spotted this fox this past weekend as he was actually walking out of the woods and into our yard. I had to use my biggest telephoto lens zoomed all the way out to actually determine it was a fox. I took a few blurry pictures from the house through the window but decided that in order to get a better picture, I need to try and sneak outside and get closer.

I went out the front side of the house and walked to the little valley that separates our two little knobs on our property. Our house is on one knob and this fox was on the other. The fox had by then laid down in the grass and all I could see was it's head as it looked at me unconcerned. I kept snapping away and walking down the ridge toward the bottom of the ditch and the fox seemed unconcerned. By the time i had taken the picture above, I had cross half the distance between our house and him. I took a few more pictures and then with him in my viewfinder, crept a few steps closer and that is when he had enough and slipped into the woods but not before I got one more decent picture of him.

Foxes aren't rare for our area but they are rarely seen. I can count the number of times I have seen one in my life on less than ten fingers and I can't think of a time when I have seen one this close. They are skittish animals that generally stay away from populated areas. Since our property is on the edge of the city limits and mostly forested, I'm guessing there are a few foxes in the area. Our neighbor up the street recently caught a bobcat on record and they are rare for our area. I enjoy seeing the wildlife and because I didn't know if this was a lone male or a female with some kits down in the draw, I refrained from following her into the woods to find out.


Ron said...

Nice shots! I like seeing the wildlife too, and observing it.

A couple of days ago there was a turkey in our yard and I tried to take a photo, but I don't have a camera that can do well with that. Someday, though, I envision all the native trees I've planted bearing fruit and all the wildlife they will attract. We're already seeing a huge increase in birds since we enlarged our clearing and have created a lot of places for them to nest, raise babies, forage, and show off for each other.

Fortunately, my domestic flock is smaller nowadays, and I let them range on a less predictable schedule, and they stay close to home, so we haven't had a lot of losses like we did early on. I'm positive a fox was the main culprit back then, but I never actually saw it.

Carol said...

Great captures!

Ed said...

Ron - They are hard on domesticated poultry for sure. My parents lost their share of chickens to the fox. But since I don't have any now, I welcome their presence and hope they thrive in my backyard if that is their home.

Carol - Thanks! Sometimes even I can get lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time.

warren said...

I think they are not rare here either but I am always so excited the few times I have seen them because they are so uncommon to see and they are just plain awesome looking animals I think. Your pics are really nice!

sage said...

What a beautiful tail that fox has! I have seen just a few, except on Isle Royale where they're a pain in the butt and will come up to you for handouts (and that makes me nervous with rabids). Good photos!

Anonymous said...

He doesn't look that healthy. The fur looks a bit manky. But good wildlife shots.

Ed said...

Warren - I get excited whenever I see one too. Just like the first time I saw a dolphin... until the bastard kept stealing the fish I was catching!

Sage - That is certainly a place that I would like to visit sometime.

Vince - I think the mangy look is because they are transitioning from their heavy winter coat to their summer coat.

Bone said...


We had a fox wandering the city (town) streets here a couple years ago. It made the news.

I'm fairly certain I saw one the other day at the golf course. It was up on a hill and I couldn't get a great look. It was either a fox or one big-ass squirrel. Either way, I decided not to venture any closer.