Friday, April 19, 2013


After two day of rain, heavy at times, we received 5.3 inches of the stuff which I'm sure will do wonders at pulling us out of the drought for a time. Unfortunately we were about ten inches short to start with and I'm guessing much of the rain we got ran off and headed into the streams and rivers but at least the moisture levels in the top soil are full for now giving us a good start for spring.

My temporary patch in the roof to fix a leak last fall held up and the house remained dry which was nice. But the rain came down so hard, for so long, that our drainage under our driveway couldn't funnel it away fast enough and it ran over our driveway and off the side of the hill carving out a lot of dirt with it. I'm going to have to fix that problem sooner rather than later or in a few years, it will start undermining my driveway and taking it down the steep hill too.

The grass went from brown to full on bright green and if I stand still long enough I can see it grow. Since our temperatures are still in the low 40's right now, I can't imagine what it would look like if the temperatures climbed up to our historical average of low 60's. It would probably grow right over you if you took a nap on it. After spending half a day clearing the yard of debris mostly consisting of dead branches that have fallen from the trees all winter, I see I need to go out and spend another couple hours doing it again. The accompanying winds with the rain really prunes the trees of their deadwood! I have no shortage of kindling for fires around here.

Now if we can get a three week break with warm temperatures to get the soil temps up and the crops planted, the rains can continue well into the summer and give the farmers a break for a change. After four of the wettest years on record followed by one of the dryest on record, we need a break. Just give us an average year for a change!


edifice rex said...

Yea!! Glad ya'll got some rain! Hopefully ya'll will get out of the drought without going overboard.

sage said...

I wish you'd wring out those clouds before they get to us, we've had snow, hail, rain, more rain, and more snow... Is the sun still rising somewhere?