Monday, April 8, 2013

Mini Vacation

As I mentioned in the last post, we decided to take a bit of a mini-vacation to a nearby lake in our part of Iowa that though I have lived most of my life within a few hours of it, I had never seen it before. In fact, it is less than an hour's drive from where we currently live so I couldn't take not knowing any longer. In the picture above, I ran out of road signaling our arrival to the lake. Because we had brought along a picnic lunch of sorts, we sat in the car eating our lunch and enjoying the view.

The lake itself was constructed in 1971 to control flooding but in more recent years provides drinking water for a big part of Southeast Iowa. Ironically in the early 90's when we had one of those epic floods, not only did the water almost over top the lake dam, it almost destroyed the water main located just downstream of the spillway carrying the drinking water from the lake to all those people in my part of the state.

Our mini vacation was timed to coincide with our daughter's spring break which evidently is different from most other schools in the area. We also took our mini vacation during the middle of the week to avoid the traffic on the weekends. As a result, we had the entire lake to ourselves on our vacation. The only time we saw other people were back at the hotel along the shoreline and even those were few and far between. We spent a day driving the back roads and circling the entire lake. We took every road that led to its shoreline and dozens of secluded coves where wildlife abounded. It was like our own private avian viewing.

Because it was still frozen in the coves, the boats weren't out an about so we had lots of time to leisurely study the birds through my telephoto lens on the camera. At one point I came across and large group of some hawks fishing but could never get a decent picture of them

In the final photo down below, I was driving along a secluded road when a group of deer started crossing the road right in front of me. I rolled down the window of the car, grabbed my camera which unfortunately had the telephoto lens and just pressed the trigger a few times without being able to aim or focus. The reason being were the deer were much too close for that lens. It seems whenever I take my other lenses with me, I always have the wrong one on the camera when I need to take a quick photo. Fortunately for me, one of the pictures that I took turned out to be fairly focused and caught the deer in stride.

Here in our part of Iowa, whitetail deer are considered pests because there are so many of them that they destroy crops and lots of vehicles that try to drive over them as they cross the road without warning. Hunters kill more of them in our part of the state every year than in any part of our country and still their populations are booming. Still, I like photographing them more than killing them though I do get someone who is the opposite to fill my freezer with one every year.


Bone said...

Love that last picture, Ed. What a beautiful creature.

Man, looks like it's still winter up there. We're supposed to have 70's and 80's all week, at long last.

Ed said...

Bone - Up here those 'beautiful' creatures about about as welcome as ants at a picnic.

The grass is greening and the flowers are poking out of the ground up here right now. The snow in that picture is two weeks old now and hopefully a distant memory until next winter!

Leigh said...

Great shot of the deer! They are kind of pesky around here too. I'm forever trying to keep them out of my garden.

malor said...

I love the shot of the deer. I don't know about deer. I never give attention to the color of the tail. Now, I will...