Friday, April 12, 2013

A Little Bit Creepy

When blogger came up with their new spam filter, I turned off my word verification feature. It has worked well and I don't think but perhaps a handful of spam has gotten through in the last year. For those who still rely on the old verification feature, I have noticed something slightly disturbing to me for some reason. Instead of trying to figure out two words, you are left with figuring out a word and some numbers in a photo. Those numbers are clearly ones that homeowners have put up on the side of their house because in most of them you can see siding and even trim around nearby doors, etc. I'm guessing Google caught these pictures with their vehicles that are going around mapping all our streets with Street View and they have some devious plan to use all this data to better map the location of houses. Rather than having an army doing this on their doll, they are having us using blogger do it for them. I guess time will tell.


sage said...

I have often wondered about those numbers, but I do think you may be on to something here... BTW, my blog is again not showing up in people's blogroll.

Vince said...

To be honest I've less issues with some gobshite spamming me than I have with google studying my search history and second guessing me. And from what I've discovered you are far more likely to be attacked with something piggybacking on one of the big G's programmes than anything web based since your security program/firewall with halt anything general.