Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby Abbey Update

Has over four months gone by already? I can't believe it but generally my calendar doesn't lie. Before I know it, 18 years will have passed and I will be missing these days when the house was noisy with the chatter of children.

Baby Abbey is growing fast and has more than doubled her weight which explains the hernia I feel that I am developing every time I lift her car seat in and out of the car. I have twice had to adjust her straps which seem to be shrinking and getting more snug upon her. I have a belt made of the same material I think.

Fortunately she was just like her sister and by three months of age, she was sleeping through the night. Just a few days ago, she did a thirteen hour stretch in bed with nary a peep. Both me and the Mrs. checked on her a couple times to make sure she was still breathing and she was. Since most of our peers say their children never slept through the night until they were nearly a year old and both of ours have done it by three months, I'm not sure what to think. Either we are doing something to our children that most people aren't or we are damn lucky. Whatever the reason, I except it with the gladness of the well rested!

Baby Abbey went through a period of babbling a couple weeks back and then went back to being mute or just making a moaning noise in the back of her throat. I'm not sure why she gave up babbling but I'm sure it is only a matter of time until she gets it back. Just last week she giggled a few times at her older sister showing her Gangnam Style dance moves. Already I find myself anticipating listening to her voice and knowing that there will come a day when I will wonder if she is ever silent, just like I did with her sister.

Also just like her sister, Baby Abbey was initiated early to the world of sickness and contract the RSV virus. For a time there we had to medicate her on steroids, nasal decongestant and whatever they nebulize her with. It certainly cleared her up just like her sister. After her sister was over the RSV virus, she was and still is a very healthy kid so I hope Baby Abbey takes after her in that way too.

Although they are similar in so many ways, they are also different here and there.  Little Abbey lost all her hair immediately after birth and didn't get a decent stand to grow back until nearly a year old. Baby Abbey was born with a full set and continues to keep it and grow it out. Already Little Abbey is saying her sister needs a haircut. Little Abbey mostly spend her days sleeping on her back, so much so that she developed a flat spot on the back of her head for a time. Baby Abbey only takes small catnaps during the day and prefers to be in a sitting position whenever possible. She spends quite a bit of time during the day sitting on my knee and looking out at the world. She is certainly an observant baby.

I have certainly enjoyed spending time with Baby Abbey and watching her grow and develop right before my eyes. I missed a lot with Little Abbey when I only saw her for about an hour awake in the evenings before she went to bed. The rest of the time she was always asleep. I am fortunate to be in this position and right now, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Now I must go and change a diaper which my nose tells me was recently filled up.

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JaneofVirginia said...

I am so glad you have had this opportunity to really know your daughters. It is a rare and special opportunity.