Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wingless Chickens

Although I know the rules to football, I find myself doing other things than watching it on Sunday afternoons. The one exception to that rule is for Superbowl Sunday when I do watch the game though mostly to see if the new crop of commercials amuse me. So today, I watched my yearly dose of football.

Despite my lack of interest in the sport, I do adhere to some traditions and so what you see above are the leftovers of our lunch to be eaten for supper again during the game. Back when I started making my own BBQ chicken wings, they were super cheap. I remember buying five pound sacks of them for a few bucks. Then chicken wings caught on and they skyrocketed. When that happened, I switched to cheaper pieces of the chicken such at thighs and legs to use. However, they now have gotten expensive and the chicken wings more reasonable though still much higher than the 'old days'. They are super easy to make and I don't know why anyone would buy them in a restaurant. What you see above probably cost me $2.50 to make and would cost 10 times that in a restaurant.

While making them before lunch, I did notice one thing. All the wings that I bought in three different packages came from the same side of the chicken. It made me wonder who got the packages with the other side? Do they cut off one wing and send it down one conveyor bound for one region of the U.S.A. while the other side gets sent down another conveyor bound somewhere else? Mine all appeared to be right wings? Does that say something about my political stance?


Ron said...

Wow, those look good.

I've actually read that there is a commercial breed that only has one wing. Apparently, they do that so the wings grow larger and to reduce processing. The main problem is that they tend to fall over, and if they are in a large cage they can flap around in circles and injure themselves. Still, they have a lot of potential due to the high demand for chicken wings.


Ed said...

Ron - Hysterical!

Murf said...

I thought of you when I saw the best commercial of the 2013 Superbowl: the Dodge Ram one with Paul Harvey's voice reading a poem about farmers. Did you see it? If not, Google it. It was outstanding!

Ed said...

Murf - I did see it and I've heard it several times over the years. I used to listen to Paul Harvey religiously and especially loved to hear 'The Rest of the Story.' Someday I've been wanting to buy a book of all of Paul Harvey's work but haven't yet gotten around to it.

Murf said...

Paul Harvey was great. Someone actually complained on Facebook last night about how long the commercial was. I told him to get off the video games and get reacquainted with a real storyteller.

Leigh said...

How funny about getting only right wings. My last Thanksgiving turkey had two livers, two hearts, and no gizzard. We only watch football once a year too, the Superbowl.