Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This and That

Lots of condos all up and down the beach. Fortunately not so many down where we stay near the bay.

Trying out my 300 mm zoom lens from my 35 mm film camera to see if it works on my new digital camera.

Same lens but on a moving copter overhead. I'm amazed that I was able to get such a focused shot without a tripod.

Our beach house, the same one we rented two years ago. With four families and all their kids, it is just about perfectly sized. The first year we stayed behind the second floor windows on the upper left. This year with a 6 week old baby, we opted to stay behind the windows on the lower left so we didn't have to do a million trips up the steps to change diapers.

Just a speck on the horizon with my 70 mm lens but clearly a sport boat with my 300 mm lens.

Morning on the beach

I spied these two taking pictures of themselves and the sunset featured in my last post.


Vince said...

I don't know why exactly but I'd a notion where you went was a bit further from built-up coastal strip. And for some reason I'd a notion that the gulf side of things weren't as developed as the Atlantic.
Good shots, I like the house one. On the helicopter, I've found the problem with them is if you shoot more than 1/80 you freeze the blade making the thing look odd. Sorta hanging in mid air. That one is a remarkable ugly version of the beast. Looks homemade.

Murf said...

Those two women are semi-famous now and don't even know it. :-)

Ed said...

Vince - Although I have visited the coasts of the U.S. off and on over the year, it appears to me as if they are all developed or preserved for a park or something similar. I just haven't seen a stretch of beach without some sort of habitable structure on it.

As for the helicopter, it was some sort of pay for a aerial tour outfit and came whizzing by several times a day. On this particular time, it was in the morning while I was sitting at waters edge monitoring my daughter as she waded. Since I had the lens on, I zoomed in and tried to keep up with it until I got the picture. Very lucky shot on my part.

Murf - My brother calls people on the beach blocking his sunset photography sunset turds. I just thought it was pretty humorous that they were taking pictures of themselves in the sunset with their phones while I was secretly taking pictures of them. I'm guessing had they known, they might have been a bit upset.

sage said...

Looks restful...