Friday, January 11, 2013

Chopping Board Update

One last post before getting to tales of my recent vacation. While dumping the vacation posts onto my hard drive, I found this picture that I had taken of the butcher block surface/very large cutting board I made and blogged about earlier this fall. Since I completed it, I have done nothing but wipe it down occasionally with a damp rag to rid it of food debris. I love having a large ample space to use with our knives which I keep razor sharp. It is such a job for food prepping. What you see above is most of the prep for a meal which we were fixing for my mom's birthday. We had roasted cauliflower with a fennel & onion stuffed pork loin.

The Goncalo Alves wood with just mineral oil finish has held up very well. If you look closely, there are a few slight indentations made by knives in the sweet spot where we do most of our chopping but nothing that a light sanding and five minutes couldn't eliminate. However it is not worth the effort at this point and will only be something I do when I see a lot more wear.


Vince said...

Yes a goodly sized board is the way to go. Something in the region of 24"x34". The ones you buy are always a bit measly. I've one at 14x18", and while better doesn't allow for much volume. Still it's better than the A4 sized one you get normally.

Ed said...

Vince - Around here, if you were in the marker for a wooden one, you would be lucky to find something as big as a A sized paper. With plastic ones you have more options but they aren't near the joy to use as wood.

Ron said...

I'd like to make a nice big wood one, eventually. It would be very nice to have the larger size.