Monday, January 14, 2013

Anatomy of a Sunset

I'm not sure what one is expected to do when on a southwest facing sandy beach next to the ocean in the evenings, but I find myself gravitating to the sunsets. In my neck of the woods, I rarely see sunsets because they happen behind hills and trees and are less than spectacular. Mostly they just progress to a lack of light sometimes with a hint of something spectacular that is just out of sight.

On the beach, I have an unobstructed view and a front row seat and I saw all but one sunset during my stay. The one sunset I missed I was on a mission to buy some fresh seafood to haul back in a freezer chest back to Iowa and sadly came up mostly empty handed. Well I did score some smoked tuna dip that was about as close to heavenly tasting as I've ever found but I digress.

I thought I would do a series post on the second best sunset that I saw during my stay on that beach. I will do another post with the best sunset a bit later.

Libations for enjoying the sunset. It was my first encounter with Wild Blue but won't be the last.

Sunset progressing nicely. Even better, my brother brought me a refill.

Two 8% beers and suddenly I'm beginning to focus on the macro around me. Above is the deck railing.

Here I broke out my 300 mm lens from my old film camera. It fits my new digital camera but the photos come out slightly washed out.

The colors just amazed me.

As the light fades, I switch back to my 70 mm lens and come back to the world around me. This was the last picture I took though it would be much longer before I entered back into the lighted beach house.


sage said...

Love sunsets almost as much as sunrises, except I have never enjoyed a sunrise with a beer.

kymber said...

we have been at the Manor for over 2 yrs now and are still mesmerized by the sunsets and sunrises!!! it is so beautiful here! i am glad that you got to enjoy some beautiful sunsets - your pics are gorgeous!

your friend,

Ed said...

Sage - Unfortunately sunrises where I was on the beach occurred behind a high rise and weren't anything special.

Kymber - Thanks. I always enjoy seeing your pictures to your sister Helga!

Murf said...

I think sunrises are better with mimosas!

Vince said...

Lovely photos. I rather like the one with the bottle. There is a bit of a story running through it.

warren said...

You have a good brother!