Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Silly Season

'Tis the silly season and it seems like the social obligations keep piling up. We had a funeral two days ago, yesterday we had to make a shopping trip for things we need before our upcoming trip, today is the odd day free from obligations but Little Abbey only has a half day of school so it really doesn't count to me. Tomorrow and Friday I HAVE to volunteer on some fundraisers for Little Abbey's school not to mention that tomorrow night she has a school concert and Friday I have an eye doctor appointment since it has been a few years since the last one. Saturday something is going on I'm sure but not sure what and Sunday we have been invited out to meet the Filipino community in the town we now live in. That is just this week and there is still another one yet to go. I can't wait to the too cold to do social things months immediately after the festivities associated with the new year.

Fortunately for me I am lucky enough to get to spend my days working on painting kitchen cabinet doors which isn't too challenging mentally and gives me a chance to recuperate. Because I only have limited space to paint cabinet doors, I find myself putting on a coat of paint, spending some time with Baby Abbey or eating a leisurely lunch with Mrs. Abbey and going back down to put another coat of paint on. I get two coats done per day and then flip the door over and repeat. Then I put two coats of finish paint on both sides so all told, it takes me four days to get one set of doors done. It is a nice relaxing pace for sure but doesn't get the kitchen done all that quickly. At this pace, I'm guessing it will probably taken me another four or five weeks. Fortunately, I am blessed with the time.

Besides nursing a hungry baby every two to three hours, my wife is spending her recouperating time painting that big canvas I made her and blogged about a couple months ago along with another slightly smaller one that I made to her in between painting cabinet doors. It takes a few days for the paint to dry so while she waits, she works on the other one. They are coming along nice and when she is done and I get them hung, I will get a picture to post. All my painting and her painting though has started to reawaken a desire in me to take up painting again. I used to paint acrylics on small five by seven cards and have made a chalk drawing or two. I'm thinking of perhaps trying it on a larger canvas though much smaller than those my wife is working on. Fortunately I got a small stack of canvas at an auction I went to this past weekend but that is for another blog post.

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