Monday, December 3, 2012

Hodge Podge Post

Having children six and a half years apart in age isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was afraid that I would have forgotten all that I learned with the first one. Although I did forget a lot, it all comes back quickly once I experience it for the second time. What I didn't forget, or rather the wisdom I still retain allows me to not get so easily worked up when Baby Abbey cries. At this age, it is one of about three things, dirty diaper, hungry or gas.

Spending a holiday season for the first time in decades without a job has definitely been a change for me. Before, even though I had a nine to five job, I was still out and about town on my way to and from work and that was enough to make me want to go home, lock the doors and say bah humbug. This year, I am at home on the very edge of town (the city limits passes through my neighbor's living room) and pretty much insulated from all the hubbub. I still have no desire to go out and frolic among all the holiday insanity but I am certainly a lot more relaxed about it when I do need to go out there.

For the most part, I have finished the main parts of the main floor of our new house. I just finished installing closet doors on our two remodeled closets that I posted about some time ago. I ended up going with bi-fold doors to give more space and because I just couldn't justify the cost of putting French doors on them. I used my longest level that I hadn't used since moving, to reinstall the jams and trim before putting on the doors and have discovered that the move must have unleveled my level. Everything fits and works but the anal side of me may yank the doors and redo the jam with a proper level just so it looks right.

I still haven't touched either bathroom but neither are two bad. One has a medicine cabinet with doors that sag and both could use some paint but I'm probably not going to do much else to them. I'm thinking that my next project might be painting the kitchen cabinets. They were handbuilt with the rest of the house 40 years ago and are in okay shape though are dated are their dark wood finish really makes the kitchen feel small.... which it is.  But by lightening the color, I think the kitchen will seem a bit bigger. Long term, I want to gut the place and start over expanding it a bit. Both of us being cooks, we just can't fit inside the kitchen at the same time.

Despite my earlier post that might have suggested something to the contrary, I am not wealthy beyond imagination if you only consider green paper money. I did go out and buy a lottery ticket during the latest hubbub for probably only the fifth or sixth time in my life. Unlike my previous attempts, this time I did have two matching numbers though neither were the powerball so I didn't get my money back. That's okay, I'm not sure I would know what to do with half a billion dollars besides give the large majority to the government in the form of taxes so they can frivolously spend it on yet even more social programs.


Ron said...

I got all set up to cut rafters for the roof of our house once, and discovered (after cutting some) that the framing square was off by about 1/8".

Oftentimes, I think a bolt hanging on a string is more accurate than a level anyway, for a long vertical surface.

Or if it's a house like our old one, measure from an existing surface, because it's probably not plumb either. :)

Ed said...

Ron - I've often wondered why they don't come up with some sort of digital level that lights up or beeps when level/plumb. For me, a bubble between two lines leaves room for interpretation. Normally I measure diagonals but in this case with carpet on the floor of the doorway, there wasn't a real accurate way of doing so.