Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Please Think Twice About Using Wells Fargo Mortgage Services

I've written about this subject a few times in the last five months which since when I write about a company and my dealing with them normally means bad things have happened. Here is a quick summary of what they have done:

1. Botched up the purchase of my new home by not sending the paperwork in to the underwriters until the week of the closing date despite having it all completed for 12 weeks prior.

2. Botched up the purchase of my old home by screwing up the loan of the guy buying it not once but twice. Never once would they communicate with us saying that there was a delay. We always had to call them to find out that the loan was being rewritten yet again.

3. Messed up my escrowed insurance and told me I wasn't insured. After jumping through all the hoops, they said I was insured and things were being fixed.

4. Messed up my escrowed insurance by refunding me all the money that I placed into it for insurance. When I questioned them as to the reason for refunding it to me, they said they shouldn't have because I was insured but their national office hadn't yet fixed it for some reason. They assured me they would fix it... again.

So now here we are three and a half months later and I get a letter in the mail from Wells Fargo that looks very suspicious to me as being from their insurance department. (Note I have refrained from using their name up until today to give them the benefit of the doubt.) When I opened the letter is basically stated that they have repeatedly notified me that I have no insurance on my house and because of this, they have automatically insured my property and that they will be forcing me to pay the premiums! Like hell they aren't!

So I have repeatedly called my insurance company and they have repeatedly assured me that I was insured and indeed the paperwork they normally sent me states that fact. I have also repeatedly called the mortgage broker in my local branch of the bank but she doesn't seem to know what is going on which isn't surprising since she single handedly botched both mortgage transactions. She always throws blame on my insurance company, corporate office, the people who bought our old house or me for doing something wrong. It has got me nowhere.

This time I'd had enough so I called the corporate office for insurance directly and spoke with a lady listened patiently as I explained how screwed up this whole process had been. She asked the proper questions and put me on hold a few times as she called the local bank and also my insurance company. Finally after a half hour, she had fixed the problem... again. She said that when I had cancelled the insurance on the house that I had sold and no longer owned nor wanted to pay insurance for, the bank had written in their records that I had cancelled the insurance on my current house. According to the lady, my insurance company had faxed them the proper insurance information showing that I hadn't cancelled the insurance for my current address to them not once but twice. She had them right there before her eyes. Yet despite having evidence to the contrary, someone somewhere had decided it was just easier to let the situation slide.

So now I wait to see if my insurance has truly been fixed... again. I somehow doubt it because they refunded me all my hazard insurance money that I paid into the system and I dutifully deposited into my savings account. So when my next insurance payment comes due in December, there will be no money in my escrow account to pay for it. I have questioned the bank on this a couple times but they don't seem to know how to deal with that situation. I will not ever do business with Wells Fargo again.


Vince said...

Keep every scrap of paper. And, if you can, tape all conversations over the phone. You need to think in terms of not being insured so operate from that default. You simply cannot afford to to think you are. Further, I'd talk to a lawyer. This because your mortgage may well be in default for not having insurance and you might be facing the nightmare of some twinky at head office of WF in Sioux Falls reading about an unsecured bit of paper down in Iowa.
Remember this will be resolved to suit WF. And you only if it also suits WF.

geri said...

Oh no. What stress and waste of your time. Hope this will be resolved soon!

Ed said...

Vince - It is all well documented.

Geri - It certainly has been the total opposite of our first experience with Wells Fargo which was simple and easy.

malor said...

Our mortgage is thru Wells Fargo too. We just refinanced our home loan. So far, everything went smoothly. It is probably your local people there who screwed up...

JaneofVirginia said...

I am so sorry to hear of your difficulties. I wouldn't have used Wells Fargo. They ate up the "Walk-over-Ya" (Wachovia) Bank, and I won't do business with them. However, things are very strange in mortgage banking right now. Our daughter had a disastrous and difficult first home experience trying to get a mortgage, and then we went to a loan broker, and closed in record time with another company, without any difficulty at all. I hope you have a similar resolution.

Ed said...

Malor - I'm positive it is mostly the local people screwing it up. So far, the national office seems to know what is going on fairly quickly whenever I call them.

Jane - Our first experience with WF was easy and quick. That was part of the reason we wanted to go with them a second time. We even got the same mortgage broker both times. Unfortunately, something has changed inbetween those times or one of them was a fluke. Either way, I will most likely investigate another bank if we go through this again.

Anonymous said...

Send them and the bank as well, an invoice for your time correcting their mistakes. Also mention that you will be posting the facts to Facebook/blogger act. and contact local news stations that have a consumer affairs segment. When the trees get shook the nuts tend to fall.