Friday, November 30, 2012

I'm Wealthy Beyond Imagination

I've looked at this picture in my computer folder of things to blog about a dozen times and each time I passed it by thinking I've already blogged about this. But after feeling like that wasn't correct and doing a search of old posts, I'm fairly certain that this pictured fell through the cracks and so this post aims to correct that situation. I suspect that when I took that picture I had a blog post laid out in my head in such a convincing fashion that I began to believe I've already written it. Does anyone else have that problem?

Before moving, we quit going to auctions a year in advance. I suppose when one is planning on paying someone to move all your stuff, it seems prudent to not add more stuff to move until afterwards. After we moved, we were so busy with settling in and getting things arranged (and still have a basement with lots of boxes not yet unpacked) that we couldn't justify adding more things to it. But sometimes you need a break from life and my wife and I enjoy going to auctions and finding gems in other peoples cast off belongings.

About a month ago, we hit up an auction just down the road from us as a spur of the moment deal. We were driving by and it was going on. We stopped to check things out and saw a few things that we might bid on if the price was right. However, there were yards of trinkets on folding tables that had to be sold first and anyone familiar with auctions know that means there is a lot of time waiting for that to happen.

While waiting, they came to two long tables full of books. On that table was the box full of piano music seen in the picture above. Little Abbey is starting to play the piano and that box would keep her engaged in that endeavor for some time to come. I bought the box of music for $7 and was in the process of setting it aside when they started selling the books.

The books were sold buyer's choice meaning the highest bid could pick the book(s) they wanting paying their bid times the number of books they took. Generally this goes around a few times while people snap of old school annuals, rare cookbooks and some classic books. Then the auctioneer would proceed to portion off a good part of the books and sell them all together. As I walked back to the table after moving the piano music away from the crowd, they were doing this latter part and the auctioneer was trying to get a dollar from the crowd. On instinct alone, I raised my hand and ended up with a huge pile of books for $1. As I was debating what to do with all of them since they weren't boxed and my car was a long ways away, I heard that the rest of the books were bought in two lots for $2.50 each. Then I heard my auction number and realized my wife had bought the rest of the books. Great minds think alike.

We immediately sold someone a book they wanted for a dollar meaning our total outlay of cash was $5 for the pile of books which I then had the pleasure of carting off. I ended up dumping the box of music in the car and using that box and numerous trips to cart off all the books. A guy who paid for another table of books prior to ours decided he didn't want his books so he told me we could take them too. Since I already had the back of our vehicle stuffed full of books, I sorted through them and took maybe a third of them.

Back home we dumped them in the pile seen above which doesn't look nearly as impressive as it was since I took the picture above the pile. We sorted through the books putting the books each of us wanted in a pile. In the end, we had only four shopping bags of books that we had either read before or had no interest in reading. Those we will try selling at a yard sale next spring or give them away to a local goodwill store. Those that we plan on reading have been squirreled away like nuts before a hard winter and will be metered out gradually over the next several years I suppose. I feel very wealthy indeed. Now I just need to get cracking on those bookshelves to hold all of my wealth on display.


JaneofVirginia said...

Yes, you are wealthy beyond imagination for many reasons, the books, your ideas, your creativity, and most importantly the family God has given you. How wonderful that you realize these blessings, as so many do not.
Human beings often confuse that an abundance of the greenish paper bills constitute wealth, and this is just not really so. Word on the street is that the green paper may become near worthless anyway....(wink)

Vince said...

HA, I thought of you when I read that the Lottery was won in Missouri.

Ed said...

Jane - I hope you are wrong about the green paper because if you are right... well lets just say I hope you are wrong and leave it at that!

Vince - I actually hadn't planned the timing of this post with the lottery but now that you mention it, the timing couldn't have been better. Uncharacteristically of me, I did buy a ticket and I did match two numbers, but alas, I am not a winner along with millions/billions of other people.

JaneofVirginia said...

Ed, I would very very much like to be wrong about the green paper too !

Ron said...

I like laying on my bed and admiring the 1,000 books next to it. Four not-so-great bookshelves, someday I'll make a nice one. It's a good feeling to have a stockpile of things you need and enjoy.

geri said...

I'm envious of the piano books!

Three Score and Ten or more said...

This morning I left a garbage back full of books at Goodwill (which I received in a manner very similar to yours. One buck for a large box of books --from which we picked some gems) Guess what we did a couple of hours later at an estate sale. Great minds think alike, there is no question about it. I also bought the first lottery ticket in **** years this week. I didn't have any matches. I am still living, but barely sometimes, but I will actually post soon. (I'm aabout over the politics of the year.)

Three Score and Ten or more said...
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Ed said...

Ron - It most certainly is.

Geri - My wife really loved them since it contained all the same piano books she learned to play from back in the Philippines. Little Abbey is now using them.

3 Score - I've probably got enough books to last me for a decade if I should do nothing but read during my waking moments from now on. I hang onto the classics, let others read the good ones and give the rest away. Since I'm not much into fiction these days, I give a good portion away.

warren said...

I always figured I could insulate with books, use them as TP or burn them in the fire if times got tough...too many books is never a problem!