Monday, November 5, 2012

Finally here!

I haven't been keeping track but it seems like we are getting at least a half dozen fliers in the mail every day telling us to vote early, perhaps a call or two an evening saying the same thing, and at least one person thus far making sure that we plan to vote come election day if not sooner. I have seen lots of effort before to push the get out and vote effort on election day but this is the first election when the push has been to vote early.

In our county, we already passed the number of early votes in the last presidential election several weeks ago! If you go back thirty years ago, the numbers are staggering on how much emphasis is placed on voting early. It is almost up 1000%! I won't be one of those voting early.

For me, one of the most patriotic things one can do in the country they love is to vote. Sure it isn't always convenient on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November but hey, hundreds of thousand have died so I can vote so why should I let a little inconvenience get in my way? There is something about walking through the cool darkness to the polling place (thanks to Daylight Savings Time) and standing in line with my neighbors to do that one civic duty. I just don't get that same feeling when going down to the courthouse to vote early or by mailing in a ballot. Granted I am new to this area and won't know most of my neighbors but I won't meet them if we never see each other face to face.

Then of course comes the after party so to speak where I get home, flip on the television and watch the results come in. Sometimes it is good news like the last election cycle when we the people voted out four of Iowa's bum Supreme Court Justices because they were legislating from the bench by overturning a law that was passed by the majority of people in the state. But mostly I just like to listen to the talking heads talk about which state much go which way for the party in question to have a chance. So many times I've heard that a few votes don't matter and yet in my short lifetime, a few votes has been all the difference more than once.

So tomorrow, I will wait for my wife to get home and we will go down to our local voting place to cast our ballots and then return home to watch the results on television. Unlike eight years ago, I think we won't have long to wait to get the results but then I could be wrong. All these early ballots are considered provisional and only counted if the number of them is more than the difference in the election night votes and since the emphasis has been on voting early, well it might be days... again.

Happy election day everyone and make sure you get out and vote so that you can legitimately gripe about the choice later on!


Vince said...

sage said...

I agree with you. I have only voted early or by absentee when I was away on election day. I like going to vote in the polling place and greeting neighbors who are there doing the same or working the polls...

I am now worried that Wednesday will be result in a blackout of TV, radio and the internet and the postal service will completely go out of business as there will be no advertisers left to pay the bills!

geri said...

I know! Tom has been telling me to vote early but I would rather do it the traditional way. I never had a problem with lines and hopefully it will be the same tomorrow.

Murf said...

I'm easy. I like going on the day of so I can get the lame but yet still cool 'I Voted' sticker. I will be doing it at 7 a.m. when they open for a change. I want to wear my sticker around all day. I'm prepping my cheat sheet as we speak. We have like 6 proposals to vote on plus 2 really important city ones (city charter amendment and the real doozy - combining 2 of the 3 failing school districts in the city into one - does two negatives really make a postive? We shall see.)...oh yeah, and which lame option to pick for President. I keep thinking I should do what my Facebook quiz says and vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party. :-) Joking aside, I really wish ALL of the candidates could have been included into the debates.

Ed said...

Vince - I can relate with that little girl!

Sage - I wondered that too and was thinking I should create my own ads to air if the price was right.

Geri - I've never had a problem with lines either. Of course most of the towns I've lived in have total populations less than individual precincts in towns their size. I think the most I've ever waited to vote was maybe two minutes.

Murf - They don't hand those out in Iowa for some reason, or at least not where I vote. I used to get them all the time when I lived in Minnesota. Since I'm new to this area, I'm going into this election fairly blind on the local level. The paper never even ran a sample ballot which I thought was mandatory. Generally my view is when in doubt vote no.