Friday, September 28, 2012

Time Keeps On Slipping Into the Future

Who would have thunk it? I've been so busy working on the house that my blog actually ran out of posts and I have belatedly discovered that I didn't have a post for today. Well better late than never I guess.

Work has been pretty dull I guess which is why I haven't been blogging much about it. I finished up the nursery for the little one expected to arrive in another ten weeks. (Time really does fly fast!) After that, I moved onto Little Abbey's room patching walls, painting, fixing the electrical system and most recently gutting and rebuilding her closet. It was 40 years old and showed it and was just a single shirt away from all falling down in a heap.  So I redid it and got all the shelving and clothes rods installed today and purchased some new closet doors which I now need to spend the next day painting. After that, I'm going to take a break from painting for awhile and do some other woodworking tasks.

I think I am going to build some built in shelving for Little Abbey's room and perhaps a little study desk to do homework on. Then I really need to build some sort of workbench for the garage to do all these larger projects on top of. My one little bench against the wall and underneath the overhead storage cabinets just doesn't cut it for those. The new bench will be a bit lower and either on wheels or light enough I can drag yet heavy enough to provide a nice work surface. I also am going to build a butcher block surface for our kitchen counter out of some exotic wood that I picked up. We had a rolling butcher block island at our last house that we really loved cutting up veggies and doing our baking on and we don't have that at this place.

Also, before I start on the last bedroom upstairs, the master bedroom, I want to build some built in closet modules to put in our two side-by-side closets and give it a more modern look. I saw it on one of those home improvement shows and want to do it for myself. After that, I have to do a little bathroom work on the two bathrooms upstairs and then I can move onto the basement. That might wait a bit for other little fix-it projects that always seem to crop up.

Case in point. Last week my daughter and wife saw a chipmunk crawl underneath the garage door into the garage. I wasn't surprised as the poor concrete work in the garage has caused a high point in the center of the door and drops off an inch and a half on both sides of center.  A previous owner tacked up some strips of wood and added some door seal to the bottom but the strips had square ends and the seal had rotted away in areas leaving large holes. So I custom made some tapered shims to fill the gaps and installed a brand new rubber seal so now even an ant will have to squirm to get inside. I still have yet to tackle the busted outdoor spigot or the whole house humidifier with the cut wire going to who knows where, both of which I would like to fix before winter flies.

One last thing, leaf color here is starting to pop. I'm guessing the peak will be here in a week or perhaps two at the latest. I'm loving it.


warren said...

Life around here has been pretty dull too and I have had a hard time thinking of stuff that someone else may even remotely want to read about...but I guess sometimes that stuff is the best stuff...I don't know. Anyhow, keep plugging away at it!

Ed said...

Warren - I assume the reason I don't have a thousand followers instead of the couple dozen that I do is because I write too much of the mundane life that I live.