Monday, August 13, 2012

Updates From My Busy Life

Wow! Lots has happened in a short amount of time. I have way more time to blog these days and I find myself doing so less just because I've been so busy. So here is an update post to update all my readers on a few things.

My wife, after two months of studying after graduation, finally took her test for board certification in this state and no doubt passed with flying colors. Her words were that she just didn't want to pass, she wanted to PASS! We should find out in a month or two.

So with a wife home everyday for the next few weeks and me being a full time man servant to fixing up the house, we have been making lots of progress on fixing up the house. I don't have any one room completed yet but when I do, I will be sure to post some pictures for you all to take a gander at.

My mother-in-law finally flew back to the Philippines which is currently flooded in a Noah like way these days. No word on whether she made it through the floods up to her mountain home but she was with my brother-in-law and his family along with her sister so she was in good hands. Overall, it was a pretty good two months while she was here and she did lots helping us pack and unpack while I focused on the fixing things part. It also freed up my wife to study for her test by also being the entertainer for Little Abbey.

The day after we saw her off at the airport, we cleaned up the fixing debris from around the house just in time for my grandparents to stop by for a night. They are visiting everyone on their way back to their home in Florida and wanted to see our house. Grandpa gave me the thumbs up on the house which is always good to receive though he probably said twenty different times over the course of their stay that we certainly had a lot of work to do. I broke the news to them that I was unemployed and that I was going to be spending lots of time working on the house this fall and winter and I think that made them happy. 

While talking with them over breakfast, my grandfather asked what the name on his coffee cup stood for and my wife answered him. It was a business name of a company that my wife's uncle owns down in Texas. It involves managing people in the healthcare industry and my uncle-in-law has been very successful running it. Suddenly a spark lit up in my brain and it has been percolating there all day. Why don't I propose to my uncle-in-law to open up a branch up here in Iowa where we have nothing like it? I ran it by my wife who surprised me by saying that her uncle has been wanting us to do that for a long time. So now, I am suddenly excited about the possibility of fulfilling my dream of owning my own business that I can run from my home and it is in an industry completely removed from the manufacturing engineering world. 

But first, before I do anything, I am going to spend some quality time fixing up the house and enjoying my time off from any kind of job. By the time you read this, we may be gone on a little mini vacation of sorts just to get away from life for a few days. We can't go far because we have to be back by Friday to hopefully close on our old house. So if my blog is vacant for the rest of the week, that is why. That's it for updates.


warren said...

A large part of the business I own is related to health-care and it has been pretty ok through these hard economic times. I guess it depends some of the details, but healthcare feels like a good place to be to me! Running a business is hard but definitely do-able. Good luck!

TC said...

Holy cow, Ed, that's a lot going on!

You're a brave man, having your MIL live with you for two months. Yikes.

I hope you enjoy a mini vacay :)

Bone said...

I would think healthcare or oil would be the businesses to be in right now. Unfortunately, I'm in neither.

Hope you enjoyed your mini vacation, assuming there was one.

PhilippinesPhil said...

Just caught up on your last two posts. I believe you Fil-mom lives north of us right? Still raining here everyday, sometimes in deluges. She had to go through Manila and its always a crap shoot going through there this time of year if you happen to be trying to drive through it when a storm hits or a series of them. Manila's drainage system is a joke. Most of the water has to flow into the rivers and bays by way of the surface of the streets since they have no large aqueducts. The small drains they DO have are chronically choked with garbage since THAT is what these folks do here. Thing is though, if the rains pause just 12 hours or so, that is usually enough time to completely drain it all off since it IS a danged island after all. Ed, between you and me and anyone reading this, this country is THE most under-engineered place I've ever seen, which is ironic considering how many engineers from here I've met in my wanderings around the world. They actually KNOW what has to be done to make this place livable but the folks in charge aren't willing to invest the cash I guess. And the fact that the only people who ever complain are foreigners like me means there is nothing compelling anything to be done about it. Oh well, God bless the Fils!

sage said...

Good luck with the business and with an exciting future and I am amazed that we were so close on our vacations--my vacation was a solo one as the rest of the family were in Cincinnati watching tennis