Friday, August 31, 2012

Meet Our Neighbors

The house we bought was purchased probably 80% for the location. We have a large lawn slightly under two acres with lots of trees and best of all, neighbors whose houses are a reasonable distance away. We met most of our neighbors already, all of whom are retired couples and very nice. But these neighbors showed up soon after we moved in and have been almost daily visitors every evening before dusk. Mostly we just see the doe and her two fawns but once I have seen a small six point buck too. They come out and graze on what greenery still exists for about fifteen minutes or so and disappear into the trees again.

For right now, I am enjoying them but we haven't started a garden or done any landscaping yet either. When that times comes, I'm going to have to deal with them by building a fence or other methods. Our new town has an in town archery season on deer and one of my new neighbors offered to hunt any deer that were becoming a nuisance. It is amazing that in my relatively short lifetime, deer have gone from a rare sight to being thick as flies and are deemed pests.

Our backyard slopes down to the trees that you see in the background and to a very steep ditch to the left. It them goes steeply back up hill across the ditch to where our street meets the main road. The main road runs behind those trees leaving them into an increasing wedge shape. I haven't down much exploring of what is in those trees because it is full of poison ivy and ticks right now. Later this winter I would like to go out there and see what is in there. But for now, I'll leave it to the deer.


geri said...

That's a pretty sight to have in your huge yard - for now =)

Last week we had a red fox in our neighborhood, made me nervous passing by the house with the porch it was lounging in (we were across the street). Called the city office and I was told they don't deal with wildlife, which surprised me.

The thing looked smelly though, unlike what I see in books.

Ed said...

Geri - I'm guessing a smelly fox in the suburbs of Chicago is a sick fox. I occasionally see foxes here but only glimpses as they high tail it away from me. They are notoriously shy around people especially in daylight.

Some cities have animal control officers for stuff like that but I'm guessing unless the fox is a threat to people, they would probably just let it be and let nature do its course.

Vince said...

Wow. Just wow. Every so often the hound puts up a deer or two when she goes into the main parish drainage ditch. A box shaped thing about 30x30ft which is overgrown with briar and scrub timber. So I rarely see the deer and never so I could photograph them.

sage said...

We have neighbors like that! Glad the move has gone well for you and your family.

Woody said...

Rats with hooves. The only time I'm a fan of deer is bow season. Our fruit trees were a favorite target of the rats when they were younger saplings. Often "pruning" them to nothing more than a stub. I had a neighbor who used to feed them right next to the highway on a sharp curve. Thankfully I'm always slowing down to make the turn into our drive, but I've had to pull three road kills off the road and dispose of them. I don't want my dogs having a meal in the middle of the highway. No telling how many times there have been kills that were hauled off for their meat.