Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Legos In the Park

Lego Butterfly

My mother-in-law stayed with us for two months this visit, a record. Over the two months, I learned to bite my tongue and find my own fortress of solitude to retreat to from time to time to regain my sanity. Also fortunate, I was still employed back then so I could at least get away for eight or nine hours a day. Despite all this, my mother-in-law did a lot of packing and unpacking which was great even if we still can't find stuff. So to reward her, we took a small trip up to my alma mater, Iowa State University.

Mainly we wanted to visit Reiman Gardens which had a Lego exhibit going on but also to show her were I went to college, lived, and pretty much spent almost a sixth of my life. (That fraction is sadly getting smaller these days.) We arrived during a gentle but persistent rain so we had to drive around for a bit until it quit but when it did, there weren't many people at the park for a Saturday so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We walked around for a couple hours enjoying the plants and Legos and just about the time we were wrapping up, it started raining again. Perfect timing. So here are some pictures of the trip, mostly of the Lego sculptures. What I wouldn't have given as a kid to build something that big out of Legos is I had that many Legos.

Lego Rose

Lego Hummingbird

Lego Fox and Hare

Lego Lawnmower

Lego Birds

Lego Pond Paraphernalia

Lego Gardener

Lego Sprouting Acorn

Lego Dragonfly

Lego Bison

Lego Bee. In the background was a nifty Rube Goldberg contraption that we sat and watched for almost and hour. 

Lego Flower


Vince said...

Unless Lego bricks have changed drastically since I was playing with them, there is no way they are staying up without 'vast' amounts of superglue.
No matter what you did you couldn't engineer them to cross any span and have form.

sage said...

Interesting "art" Someone must have lots of free time on their hands!

geri said...

I love the lego lotus and fish =)

Murf said...

I love the gardener. What a cool job that would be to put these displays together...or to just work at Legoland!

Ed said...

Vince - I have no doubt that they used superglue. Most of these sculptures you could get close enough to touch so I'm assuming people touching them happens often. They had a video of the butterfly one being put into place and it took several people to slide it into place so they must be fairly heavy as well.

Sage - I wondered while looking at these how long it took one to be completely designed and then final glued together.

Geri - Me too!

Murf - I'm going to have to see if Legoland has any job openings!

Bone said...

The gardener kind of freaks me out.

That being said, I'd probably still play with Legos if I had some. Actually, they'd make a great Christmas present for Nephew Bone.