Monday, July 23, 2012

Moving Day

Well if everything went as planned, (I'm writing this a week ahead of time before I started packing up my computer) we closed on our new house last Thursday Friday and are frantically finishing our packing before the movers show up here in a couple hours. Today, we are being moved lock, stock and barrel to our new home in a town about 20 miles from here. My plan is to have most of our technology backbone , i.e. television and computer, unpacked sometime tomorrow and set up so that hopefully when the cable, phone, internet installer shows up on Wednesday, I will be back in business but perhaps still living out of boxes. This is the reason I am writing this in advance to cover that black hole of three or four days I will be out of communication with the world. Though I have a wife, daughter and mother-in-law who will be home all week, I'm still guessing we will be living out of boxes for some time to come. When you go from huge built in bookcases to none, there are always going to be things with no homes for awhile. Thus will soon start the new chapter of my life where the honey-do projects begin.

Addendum: I scratched out Thursday and changed it to Friday though it was noon on Friday at the time and I still hadn't yet closed thanks to a loan officer with her head so far up some bodily orifice she can almost see sunshine out her teeth. Just when I thought things were on easy street. But more about that at a later date. Hopefully the loan still went through, we still closed and we are still moving today.


sage said...

Hang in there! I hope things went easy and you're in your new digs and electronics are all functional in a couple of days.

Vince said...

Bon Voyage.

kymber said...

oh buddy - been there and done that! and yes - you will be living out of boxes for months on end. then you will need to rent a storage unit for the books. and then, maybe a year later when you have found a home for most things - the books can come out of storage and move into the attic or basement.

oh buddy. been there. done that. i am normally called a cheerleader but i have lost the spirit after this last move.

YOU can do it though. but it's gonna suck for a few months.

your friend,

Ed said...

Thanks everyone. The move is complete but it was a real doosy thanks to the temperatures hovering at 110° F! I think by the end of the day my brain was hard boiled.

Ron said...

That is serious crap weather for moving. Or doing anything, really.

Glad to hear you're relocated. The nice part is you get to do things knowing what you know now. I sometimes imagine how much easier things would be if we were to start over.

And then I think... nah... I don't wanna start over. :)

Ed said...

Ron - I figure I may have one move left in me before I depart this earth and that is only if it is on a sunny and crisp fall day next time.

Murf said...

"...thanks to a loan officer with her head so far up some bodily orifice she can almost see sunshine out her teeth."

That literally made me LOL.

Bone said...

Computer and internet first. I like your priorities.

Congrats on the new place. I hope you didn't run across too many other people with that head/orifice issue.